BSC News NFT Weekly Recap: 8/29-9/5

by BSC News

September 5, 2022


Taking a look at what the BSC News NFT team has been up to as the NFT mint date rapidly approaches.

BSC News NFT Mints This Month

It’s now September - and that means the BSC News NFT mint date is fast approaching!

As we draw closer to the mint on September 14, the BSC News NFT team has been hard at work in preparation. Let’s take a look at the events and news from the last week.

BSC News NFT Holding Art-Off

BSC News NFT announced the “Art-Off” competition on August 31. The competition allows community members to submit their own designs, with the grand prize winner having their design become an official NFT.

“To our knowledge, this type of competition has never been done before on this scale,” BSC News NFT team member Dan claimed in an exclusive statement.

The competition was initially slated to end September 5, but the deadline was extended by 24 hours to allow for more entries.

AMAs with BabySwap, TEN Finance, GooodFellas, and More

Continuing the trend from last week, the BSC News NFT team held AMAs on Twitter Spaces with more partners this week. BabySwap, TEN Finance, NFTb, HomieWars, and GooodFellas all joined us to discuss utility, NFTs as a value proposition, and other exciting topics.

Visit the BSC News NFT Twitter to find the recordings for each AMA.

Gaming and Art Livestreams

The BSC News NFT Social Media Operations Director, Tom, hosted a series of livestreams during the week. In the streams, Tom played some of our GameFi partners’ offerings along with other games, showed off the design process for the NFTs, and discussed a variety of related topics with the community.

Attendees of these livestreams have a chance to win whitelist spots for the upcoming mint, so be sure to attend a stream if you want a chance to win a free spot!

Check out the BSC News NFT Twitter to find links to each livestream, and check out the YouTube stream on NFT design here.

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