BSC News NFT Unlocks Benefits on Top BNB Projects

by BSC News

July 25, 2022


BSC News is partnering with TEN Finance, ApeSwap and others to bring unprecedented utility to the new NFT collection.

Perks at BSC News, Across BNB Chain

BSC News, the leading media platform covering BNB Chain, announced a unique collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with utility on projects across the Binance blockchain ecosystem. 

BSC News NFT holders will receive access to premium editorial content, exclusive events, boosted APYs, whitelist spots, NFT giveaways, 100% share PlayToEarn scholarships, and more from top projects on BNB Chain.

While BSC News has yet to unveil more details, the team held a Twitter Spaces event with some of the project's partners, including TEN Finance and ApeSwap.

TEN Finance wants to build a next-gen DeFi protocol on BNB Chain, leveraging first-generation DeFi projects and integrating emerging technologies to create a simpler yet more robust product. 

Mr. Ten, TEN's founder, hinted at some possible NFT perks during the live event:

"We're open to discussions in creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for both sides. Something like boosted APYs for short and locked periods is something I immediately thought to begin with."


ApeSwap, a decentralized finance hub on BNB Chain, Polygon and Ethereum, is also focused on offering users an accessible and secure DeFi experience. The protocol positions itself as one of the more significant BSC News NFT partners. 

"We're really excited to see how we can grow our relationship with BSC News," said Julian, the Director of Business Development at ApeSwap. "Giveaways, cross-promotion, and VIP access to utility on ApeSwap. We have a lot in the hopper to explore more in-depth collaboration."

In addition to those solid collaborations, BSC News will announce more partners and sponsors in the near future. Until the NFT launches, there will be a weekly Twitter Space event revealing more details.

Utility Beyond PFPs

Membership perks could include trading fee discounts on exchanges, metaverse event access, and NFT airdrops. The vision is to create an NFT collection that goes beyond what traditional projects offer, as the NFT space is typified by colorful profile pictures lacking utility.

  • The team also wants to deliver value in GameFi by creating its own Gaming Guild, allowing members to play Web3 games without having to purchase different NFT assets. 
  • The NFTs will double as a premium subscription to BSC News, giving holders access to additional high-quality content.   

The working launch date for the 10,000 BSC News NFT collection is Aug. 22, with a tentative mint price of $100. The team is also working on five different rarity levels, ranging from Common to Legendary. 

The BSC News NFT will be your ticket to the ultimate BNB Chain experience, bringing you closer to your favorite projects and giving you access to top-of-the-line BNB alpha straight to your inbox.

Don't miss out! Join the BSC News NFT’s community Discord today.


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