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BSC News NFT Latest Updates and Upcoming Events

Covering the events coming up in the next week for the BSC News NFT.

BSC News NFT Updates

Since opening minting on September 14, BSC News NFT has continued to roll out perks and bonuses for holders. Along with the pre-launch partners offering their incentives, BSC News NFT has also collaborated with even more BNB Chain projects to bring extra utility. Beyond utility drops, the team has held Twitter Space AMAs, Twitch gaming streams, and other events for the community.

Let’s take a look at recent updates and news about the BSC News NFT.

DG Pals and TENFi Airdrops and Twitter Spaces

Kicking off the BNB Chain ecosystem perks, BSC News NFT partners DG Pals and TEN Finance (TENFi) sent out airdrops to BSC News NFT holders. DG Pals sent out a package of in-game goodies to holders, as well as 500 $OPL to anyone who had minted an NFT. Holders needed to create an account on DG Pals with the same wallet address that held the BSC News NFT in order to redeem their airdrop.

The TENFi airdrop was more of a direct giveaway of tokens as TENFi sent out $1,000 in $TEN split equally among holders. Future bonuses for holders will also be coming soon, so stay tuned to learn about the next perk in our ongoing collaboration with TENFi!

Both projects also joined BSC News NFT in separate Twitter Spaces, discussing the NFT industry and dropping new information about the partnerships.

OArts Lab Mint Passes

Along with the airdrops, BSC News NFT holders were whitelisted for the OArts Lab snapshot mint passes. These passes allow users to mint 1 NFT from each OArts Labs NFT collection.

ApeSwap NFB and NFA Giveaway

The ApeSwap NFB and NFA raffle-style giveaway also took place, seeing 5 randomly-selected holders receive a free NFB, and 1 lucky winner receive an NFA (worth roughly $400 USD).

Ziggyverse Mint-for-Mint Promotion

BSC News NFT also ran a promotion with Ziggyverse, a “mint-for-mint” event, where users that minted a Ziggyverse NFT during a specific number of mints received a free BSC News NFT. Users who minted a BSC News NFT during a specific number of mints would also receive a Ziggyverse NFT. 20 BSC News NFTs and 20 Ziggyverse NFTs were given away to lucky minters during the promotion.

Twitch Gaming Streams

BSC News NFT Social Media and Marketing Lead, Tom, has been busy engaging with the community through Twitch livestreams. These livestreams allow the community the ability to directly communicate with the BSC News NFT, as well as learn more about both the BSC News NFT and its partners.

Visit Tom’s Twitch account to check out previous streams and to join in on the next livestream!

The BSC News NFT is still minting on Rareboard - you can mint your own for just 0.4 BNB to gain access to exclusive Premium BSC News content, as well as a variety of BNB Chain ecosystem perks! If you’re looking for a specific BSC News NFT, visit the official secondary market at NFT Key.

Where to find BSC News NFT:

Website | BSC News NFT Twitter | Official Discord Server | Tom’s Twitch | Linktree

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