BSC News Exclusively Announces the SOWL Token's Fourth Strategic Partnership in Three Weeks

The SOWL Token’s recent collaborations have helped to propel its market capitalization up over 130% during the past week.

Baltimore, Maryland -- BSC News is proud to exclusively share the latest news regarding the SOWL Token: The first "Learn 2 Earn" token that incentivizes the advancement of education through engaging video game play.

SOWL Token, the educational cryptocurrency start-up, has just recently unveiled its fourth strategic partnership in only three weeks, this time with Defi Kings Gaming. The deal will give the SOWL Token exposure to all active users of Defi Kings' gaming platform, as well as the readers of BSC News: the hottest place to get DeFi news in the crypto industry. In addition, SOWL's community members (known as "SOWLdiers", a play on the word, "soldiers") will continue to expand through sharing these strategic partnerships with each project's respective communities, as well as exclusively with BSC News to allow for accurate and faster news updates. This deal marks the fourth of these types of crypto industry partnerships that the SOWL Token has struck in the last three weeks, helping to propel its market capitalization up over 130% during the past week alone.

"We are in a tremendous position right now to capitalize in such a non-traditional way, despite the bear market overall, making SOWL a great place to be for both the short and long term. This is not traditional marketing because the market is anything but traditional," said CEO Megan Hallett. "We are relentlessly negotiating new positive collaborations and partnerships, and we have several more on the way," she continued.

SOWL Token began integrating these partnerships into the fiber of its operations on November 23, 2022, when it announced its collaboration with the Zahnymous Token (ZAH), a cryptocurrency that allows its holders to purchase gift cards using cryptocurrency tokens, thereby adding an additional utility for the SOWL Token. Community members of SOWL have already purchased gift cards for the holiday season using the Zahnymous Platform. Secondly, SOWL found it incredibly important to partner with AscentPad, a launchpad which is another LayerOne Cloud (Pty) Ltd project that prides itself on security and transparency that goes beyond KYC verification, allowing SOWL and its team to prove their validity and safety in this space. Thirdly, SOWL Token has partnered with Coinology, an exclusive partner of BSC News, and will be listed on the Coinology platform upon launch.

Now, the SOWL Token has officially signed an NFT Gallery partnership with DFK Gaming, a leading Play To Earn gaming platform that has created 250 exclusive NFTs for the SOWL Token in the form of passive income "scratch-off" lottery tickets that have proven to be quite popular and engaging worldwide lately. The SOWL Token's focus on driving growth via partnerships with established, high-quality, and like-minded start-ups has allowed not only for explosive market capitalization growth, but has also enabled holder growth, which is up 9% in the past week.

The SOWL Token has already begun development on what they have dubbed the "SOWL Educational Arcade" - a series of a dozen interactive Play 2 Earn games that are education-centric, with each game representing a different topic of study. The first game of many, slated to be launched in the coming months, is entitled "Saffron Goes To The Moon" and is a "Flappy Bird" style game with SOWL's unique and patent-pending Gamification Algorithm that integrates mathematical questions into live gameplay. The game will boast potential returns of 50% on paid credits, which is far higher than the industry average. In addition, SOWL has developed what they have called their "High Stakes Gaming" model which will allow users to select varying amounts they wish to wager on gameplay, which will also increase their potential return. Given that many P2E games are meant for players with various-sized portfolios, SOWL will provide various options in return in their Educational Arcade, and has balanced the playing field with this innovation. Perhaps the most dynamic aspect of the SOWL Educational Arcade is that the majority of all advertising revenue will be used to buy back tokens to keep replenishing the rewards wallet, thereby driving the price of SOWL up and keeping the tokens reserved largely for gameplay rewards. It is this component that separates SOWL from many other crypto start-ups, given they will have revenue coming in from outside the crypto world, which is an issue many projects may experience.

The SOWL Token is a woman-owned business that is led by CEO Megan Hallett of Perryville, Maryland. Formerly an educator in the state of Maryland for eight years, Megan has overcome tremendous obstacles and adversity to lead the SOWL Token and its vastly growing community. She is a highly-active leader and is noted for her transparency and allowing votes on company matters to be cast by every member of the community, not just those that have a certain amount of the supply.

"People need to see strong leadership in bear markets, and I am dedicated to being the one to make people see the bullish side of life by working hard, remaining resilient, and solidifying new deals that will benefit our community members. I always say it's not my project; it's our project. We wouldn't exist without the incredible community and online environment we are fostering, and I intend to keep these morals and values for our project as we continue to expand," said Mrs. Hallett.

To contact the SOWL Token team, you can email or reach out on Twitter and in their Telegram.

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