Boomer Squad NFT Launches Native Scratch Token on Cronos Chain

by BSC News

October 18, 2022


The Boomer Squad NFT project on Cronos Chain has launched a native token called $Scratch to drive the ecosystem’s growth.

$Scratch on Cronos by Boomer Squad NFT

Boomer Squad launched a native token, $Scratch, to help drive the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project’s ecosystem on Cronos Chain. The token is trading on MM Finance and HopSwap Finance.

Following the token launch, the Boomer Squad team published an article on Medium explaining more about it:

“We want our ecosystem to be as all-encompassing as possible, and with what we have planned, it simply makes sense. As Cronos grows, so will the need for multiple viable places to buy and sell NFTs which we provide.”

At the time of writing, the Scratch token had a market cap of $10 million and liquidity of $50,000.

token distribution

Scratch tokens are earned by owning or staking a Boom Room interactive NFT. Holders can use $Scratch to upgrade their Boom Rooms, and, in turn, upgraded Boom Rooms will earn more $Scratch.

All $Scratch earned is subject to a 50% tax -- all of which is burned. No tax is levied on wallets containing a Boomer NFT.

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