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Bomb Crypto Prepares for Launchpad, CEO Hosts Text AMA

The GameFi platform continues to make solid progress in the gaming industry. The NFT Launchpad will incentivize users while playing the BombCrypto game.

Bomb Crypto NFT Launchpad Imminent 

Bomb Crypto will introduce its Non-fungible Token (NFT) Launchpad to the NFT and GameFi space in partnership with Luna Rush. The blockchain GameFi platform on BNB Chain will launch the new product after completing the ongoing “Refer Your Friends” event, published by BSC News on March 10. 

The event, scheduled to end today on March 16, will pave the way for the Launchpad’s introduction on March 17. Bomb Crypto’s March 14 Tweet disclosed the Launchpad details on top of the partnership with Luna Rush to incentivize gamers. As seen in the platform’s Twitter post, gamers would farm $LUS tokens and Luna Rush NFT Boxes while playing the Treasure Hunt Mode in the Bomber game. 

To enter the NFT Launchpad, users need to have at least 300% Return On Investment (ROI) plus hold nothing less than 500 BCOIN. However, BombCrypto disclosed that participation is not compulsory: 

“Users can choose to participate or not (This is NOT Compulsory). Depending on the user’s choice of what token they want to receive as a reward. This is a promising feature for both the BombCrypto and Luna communities. Let’s welcome it together.”

Since the start of 2022, Bomb Crypto has been rolling out new features and upgrades on its PlayToEarn (P2E) ecosystem. So it's no surprise that the blockchain game is the second game with the highest user base on DappRadar’s BNB Chain GameFi chart. Moreover, with the imminent NFT Launchpad, Bomb Crypto has another case for more interest from GameFi enthusiasts. 

Building The Future of Gaming 

Bomb Crypto’s CEO, Lahm Ho, was interviewed by Brandon Rochon, a member of the research team on Covalent. The CEO discussed the future of NFT Gaming in a text Ask Me Anything (AMA) on March 14. 

The CEO of Senspark, the game studio and makers of the Bomb Crypto game, was excited about the prospect of the game’s P2E ecosystem. However, even as the protocol’s rapid growth was unexpected, Lahm is optimistic that there is more to come from the GameFi platform. 

Lahm said when asked where he sees BombCrypto going: 

“Bomb Crypto is currently still in the first phase of its development. The game will soon reach much higher levels of development in regard to product, operations, community and marketing. I believe people will be astonished at how the game continues to grow. As you can see, Bitcoin is the flagship, the faith, the religion of the crypto market. Bcoin will be people’s faith in the Senspark Metaverse and the ecosystem of NFT games that we will be building after Bomb Crypto. A large number of token holders and Bomb Crypto community members set ambitious cornerstones for us to do bigger and better things.”

The GameFi platform has experienced significant growth in the industry and is perhaps shaping up the future of gaming, particularly on BNB Chain. Despite the shortfall of events in the P2E industry, Bomb Crypto has managed to sustain its place as a solid gaming project. The protocol is still building, adding more features to its ecosystem. The latest is the upcoming in-game staking and we expect more adoption once it is launched. 

Check the Covalent blog to read the full-text AMA. 

What is Bomb Crypto?

Bomb Crypto is a PlayToEarn NFT project built on BNB Chain network. Players manage a group of NFT bomb heroes with different statistics, which they can use to search for $BCOIN, fight monsters, or trade on the marketplace. $BCOIN is the project’s native currency used to purchase bomb heroes on their marketplace via auction or through the in-game shop. Players can also obtain bomb heroes through rescue missions while playing the game. 

Visit the following links to learn more about the game:

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