BogSwap Adds Support to Five More DEXes

Just a week after upgrading their platform, Bogged Finance continues to implement improvements by adding new trading routes to BogSwap.

September 18, 2021

What is BogSwap?

BogSwap is an advanced Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator that allows users to get the best prices on every trade. This is achieved by automatically routing your swaps through the best combination of DEXes for that trade. 

For example, a trade from SAFEMOON to BANANA on PancakeSwap (PCS) might use their BUSD pools and route though SAFEMOON > BUSD first, and then BUSD > BANANA. BogSwap is smarter than this; it’s capable of identifying pools from multiple projects (not just those from PCS), finding the route that gives you the best value. In this case, it would route your trade though ApeSwap’s pool, eliminating unnecessary routes and fees.

BogSwap’s route optimization will get you better prices than if you just used ApeSwap or PancakeSwap on their own.

Integrating More DEXes

To make your trades more efficient, Bogged Finance is constantly integrating new DEXes so you can swap between tokens from multiple liquidity pools. From Sunday BogSwap will now include trading routes from MDEX, WaultSwap, BabySwap, BakerySwap and BiSwap. This means you will get better rates than ever before.

Now swapping BABY for BANANA, or CAKE for WAULT for instance, will be very easy and save you a lot of unnecessary fees.

Usability Upgrades

One of Bogged Finance’s goals is to make DeFi as easy and accessible as possible. They will be implementing new usability features that allow users to identify if their trade has an issue or isn’t able to be processed with clear error messaging. 

This will enable you to understand and correct errors like “high gas error” or “insufficient BNB balance” that may show up in MetaMask for instance, as well as displaying easy to understand messages for common errors such as “Pancake: K” which may be familiar to some users.

Anti-Honeypot Features

With the growth of DeFi, there has been an increase in frauds such as rugpulls in the crypto space. Because most users don’t understand blockchain code, scammers take advantage of this by deploying malicious smart contracts and have already stolen millions from many investors. To combat this type of fraud, BogSwap will automatically detect ‘honeypot’ tokens and warn users of the potential risks of completing a trade for these tokens.

BogSwap Unique Features    

Ranked #5 on DappRadar for DEXes, BogSwap is growing fast and positioning itself as an extraordinary platform for DeFi traders. It stands out with unique features that help you automate your trades and save money on every swap. 

To learn more about BogSwap, visit the following links:


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