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BNB Chain, Ultiverse and MUADAO Launch Metaverse Event

Get ready for a virtual adventure and a chance to win a share of the $50K prize pool in the White Day Metaverse event, brought to you by BNB Chain, Ultiverse, and MUADAO.

White Day Metaverse Adventure Launches

BNB Chain has partnered with Ultiverse and MUADAO to launch the White Day Metaverse: Adventure of Discovery and Growth event.

The event marks a virtual journey where users complete tasks to earn lost "hearts" in the metaverse that can be used to enter a daily Fireworks Lottery for a chance to win part of a $50K prize pool, as well as additional rewards in the Ultiverse Mission Runner.

There's plenty of prizes on offer as the adventure gets underway.

The White Day Metaverse offers a virtual world of self-discovery, exploration, love, growth, resilience, and connection, featuring challenges, puzzles, and friendship.

The event is sponsored by a range of companies, including Cocos, Monsterra, Notifi, Hooked, Meta Apes, NFTb, Gritti, Superpower Squad, Metascan, Outland, Debox, Galxe, Bored Chili, Dmail, Meeet, PuffVerse, Kudasai, Ape Universe, Tap fantasy, SendingMe, Electric Sheep, and Topverse.

Users can watch sponsors' content in the metaverse and answer questions, complete puzzles, and earn metaverse hearts, along with an NFT ticket/badge that can be collected on the Ultiverse platform or minted free in-game.

The event will officially kick off on March 14 at 11:30 AM UTC+8 and run through March 21 at 11:30 AM UTC+8. Users can download the game starting on March 12.

The Ultiverse Discord server and Mission Runner will have all the latest information on the White Day Metaverse story, rewards, and mission details. There will also be a Metaverse AMA on March 14 at 3 PM UTC on BNB Chain's YouTube, Twitter, and Binance Live channels. Don't miss out on this exciting virtual adventure!

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