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BNB Chain Releases August dApp Stars

Eight projects make up the latest dApp Stars list for August.

Top BNB Chain dApps 

BNB Chain rolled out its latest list of dApp Stars, comprising the top protocols for innovation in August as identified by the network.

This month’s list features eight projects. Some of the projects’ use-cases include music Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), blockchain gaming, Web3, etc.

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Let’s see why the eight projects made the new list unveiled on Aug. 20 via Twitter. 


WAM is a platform for gaming enthusiasts, allowing users to compete in tournaments to earn crypto rewards in its native $WAM tokens, plus NFTs. Besides its PlayToEarn feature, WAM offers users more incentivized programs such as Own2Earn, Develop2Earn, Promote2Earn, and Stream2Earn.

Here are some of the social gaming platform’s highlights: 

  • WAM dominated the Romanian App Store multiple times, surpassing top traditional platforms like Netflix, Disney, and Tiktok. 
  • Since its beta launch in February 2021, its GameFi ecosystem has drawn more than 570K users and over 5M players. 
  • The PlayToEarn version was launched in April; since then, over 850K dApp transactions have been recorded. 
  • WAM was also a finalist at the 2021 Mobile Games Awards in the Best Innovation Category. 


Tangled is a social discovery app built on BNB Chain. The platform brings individuals with similar interests together. Further, users are rewarded every time they hang around with people. 

The protocol has a sleek User Interface (UI), providing users easy access to Web3 live chat, NFTs, and other unique features. While it is still new in the space, its appearance in BNB Chain’s dApp list is a promising sign. Below is a list of what to expect from the platform: 

  • Tangled will launch its mobile application on Aug. 25. 
  • The new app will offer users more accessibility to navigate and enjoy its unique offerings. 


Rareboard is a leading NFT marketplace aggregator on BNB Chain. The platform offers aggregation of over 10 different NFT marketplaces on the network, allowing users to explore numerous collections. 

The NFT platform experienced huge growth participating in the Binance Labs MVB V program: 

  • Rareboard reached a new all-time high in trading volume following its appearance in the MVB V Program. 
  • The protocol crossed 29K BNB in trading volume, hosting more than 100 NFT collections. 
  • Its private sale is coming up later this year, and the MVB program has delivered the necessary exposure to help attract investors. 


ApolloX is a hybrid crypto exchange protocol, offering both CEX and DEX services. The developers have created innovations that have propelled its progress in the blockchain space. Here are some achievements: 

  • ApolloX recorded 200K active wallet address interactions in the last month. 
  • The platform launched the “DEX Engine” SDK. The solution allows other projects to build their own futures DEX. 
  • Announced partnerships with leading DEX platforms, including ApeSwap and PancakeSwap.


NodeReal, a one-stop blockchain infrastructure service provider, has been supporting the BNB Chain ecosystem with its solutions, MegaNode and Semita: 

  • MegaNode offers a high-speed RPC and API service.
  • Semita allows developers to build their own secure application blockchain. 


Gomu is a platform for Web3 builders looking to create the best experiences for their users. The protocol offers powerful developer tools designed to help creators build native Web3 applications in the industry. 

Let's look at some notable developments: 

  • Gomu NFT APIs allow users to integrate Web3 elements into numerous products like crypto wallets, NFT marketplaces, etc. 
  • The protocol plans to launch new widgets and tools to enhance Web3 development for creators. 


Element is another NFT marketplace aggregator on BNB Chain’s August dApp Stars list. The community-driven aggregated marketplace allows users to access NFT platforms with the good liquidity, low transaction costs, and user-friendly trading functions: 

  • It has a multi-market listing feature that supports OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, and more. 
  • The protocol informs users about their assets with functions like order volume, real sale volume, and whale-tracking. 


pStake made the list after deploying its multi-chain liquid staking product on BNB Chain. pStake liquid staking solution is also available on Ethereum, Persistence, and Cosmos. Some of its key developments on BNB Chain include: 

  • Extensive audits for smart contracts. 
  • The protocol plans to launch liquid staking solutions for other digital assets.  

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