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BNB Chain Highlights August Project Stars

This month's spotlight is on BNB Chain projects Wam, Tangled, Rareboard, ApolloX, NodeReal, Gomu, Element, and pStake Finance.

Eight BNB Chain Stars

BNB Chain named eight projects built on the chain as “Project Stars in August.” According to an Aug. 20 blog post, these projects include Wam, Tangled, Rareboard, ApolloX, NodeReal, Gomu, Element, and pStake Finance.

In an Aug. 26 tweet, BNB brought users up to speed on ecosystem updates for each August Project Star. Let’s take a look:



Referred to as the world's first play-to-earn hyper-casual gaming platform, Wam is a gaming platform where users participate in competitions to earn rewards in the project’s native token, WAM, and NFTS.

In the last week, the project logged a daily active user index of 43,000.


Designed to function as a social platform, Tangled is a Web3 social live chat platform where people of similar interests can meet one another. On Aug. 17, the project launched its iOs and Android applications.


Rareboard is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator and rarity dashboard built for projects on BNB Chain. In its first month as a part of the Binance MVB program, Rareboard logged 29,000 BNB in all-time trade volume and 4,500 in mint volume for over 100 NFT collections.

On Aug. 25, Rareboard registered an overall volume of 35,000 BNB, with $11.7 million in total trade volume and $1.5 million in total mint volume.


ApolloX prides itself as the world’s first centralized and decentralized (CEX-DEX) hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. On Aug. 25, the project marked a cumulative repurchase of $1.17 million of its APX token. Also, top users of the ApolloX DEX Leaderboard received $25,000 from the weekly bonus pool.


NodeReal is a one-stop blockchain infrastructure which aims to provide scalable, reliable, and efficient blockchain solutions for everyone. On Aug. 26, the project announced the launch of its API Marketplace, designed to “support Enhanced APIs, starting from NFT, Fungible Tokens, and new Debug APIs.”


Gomu exists to help Web3 builders build and deploy their applications with less hassle. In its latest monthly update, Gomu informed users that its NFT APIs had covered 34,000 contracts on BNB Chain with 118 million indexed NFTs.


This is another NFT marketplace aggregator built on BNB Chain. Element offers users access to NFT platforms with high liquidity, low cost and good UI. In an announcement made on Aug. 26, the project highlighted its OG User Snapshot Address List.

pStake Finance

pStake Finance is a multi-chain liquid staking protocol. As of Aug. 25, 16,544 BNB tokens had been staked so far through the protocol by 400 users. Its total value unlocked on that day stood at $4.9 million. Earlier in August, the project announced a partnership with Immunefi, launching a $stkBNB bug bounty program, where white-hat hackers test the project to flag malicious bugs and can earn up to $300,000 in rewards.

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