BNB Chain Co-Hosts P12 Arcana With Project 12 and Quest3

by BSC News

October 20, 2022


The goal of the month-long P12 Arcana event is to onboard more Web2 gamers to Web3 by taking advantage of Dota2 mega-tournament The International.

BNB Chain Boosts P12 Arcana

A Web3 gaming event got a major boost as BNB Chain stepped up to launch P12 Arcana along with Project Twelve and Quest3.

P12 Arcana is a month-long event in October running concurrently with The International, which is the biggest Dota2 tournament and one of the largest ESports tournaments generally in the world. This year’s tournament is taking place in Singapore.

The BNB Chain-hosted event aims to onboard gamers into the Web3 space by leveraging the popularity of the Web2 ESports tournament.

“ESports is a huge market. We have Dota2 and League of Legends with many players. The focus is to be poised for every trend that comes, not just ESports. If you can bring more players into blockchain gaming it will push adoption for Web3 as a whole,” BNB Chain team member LZ said in an AMA podcast.

P12 Arcana has a total prize pool of $100,000 split into different pots -- and it is completely free to join. Players win prizes by making predictions on various aspects of The International tournament, such as who will be runner-up, which player will have the most deaths, etc.

Check out P12’s Twitter thread for more details on how to participate in the event:

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