BNB Chain

BNB Chain Announces Launch of opBNB Mainnet

opBNB mainnet features include super-cheap gas costs, robust security measures, and a growing ecosystem of 150+ projects committed to integration.

opBNB Mainnet Goes Live

BNB Chain has unveiled the highly anticipated opBNB Mainnet for the public, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards a more accessible and efficient Web3. 

“This momentous event brings us closer to our mission of bringing the next one billion users to Web3,” BNB Chain said in a recent statement

According to BNB Chain,  the opBNB Mainnet launch, following extensive testing, is a significant achievement for BNB Chain. Since the Testnet's inception in June 2023, opBNB has achieved remarkable milestones, including processing 35 million on-chain transactions, connecting with 435,972 unique wallet addresses, deploying 150+ dApps, and maintaining fast block times of approximately one second. 

With gas costs as low as 0.2 gwei and a robust security framework, opBNB aims to democratize blockchain access while providing cost-effective and secure transactions. Users also have the flexibility to upgrade core smart contracts, ensuring adaptability to future demands.

As reported, over 150 projects are already committed to integrating or building on opBNB, with some protocols already live. Worth noting, last August, BNB Chain announced opening up the opBNB mainnet to infrastructure providers.

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