BNB Chain Announces GameFi Dev Competition: Game Jam

by BSC News

January 14, 2023


The Game Jam competition will run the duration of February and has major prizes up for grabs for winning projects.

Game Jam from BNB Chain

BNB Chain has announced the launch of a 4-week gaming developer competition that will kick off with an in-person event from London. The Game Jam competition will serve to host events to help create new blockchain games.

Despite launching in London on January 24 with a networking event to bring together the participants, the competition will be fully-remote, according to the January 14 blog post from Christopher Duggan. The BNB Chain Game Jam Showdown will take place over the entire month of February, from Feb. 1 -28. The theme for the event will be “Social Games,” designed to be played with or against other human players.

“Anyone is welcome to contribute to a shared idea, and their work will be evaluated based on how well it’s developed,” Duggan writes. “Over the course of four weeks, BNB Chain will host a series of workshops on game design, art design, and blockchain development.”

The Game Jam in February will have prizes for successful participants like Most Valuable Builder (MVB) VI admission, supporting tweets from BNB Chain, and priority consideration for grants once the game is officially launched. The ultimate goal will be to see games launched on BNB Chain or its ZK rollup.

Gaming is shaping up to be a major catalyst in the 2023 crypto industry. The BNB Chain Game Jam will allow projects and developers healthy competition and networking to foster more blockchain gaming development.

Interested projects should check out the requirements in the blog and be ready to apply between January 20-31.

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