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BNB Chain Announces 6-Month Virtual Builder Series: ZERO2HERO

New builder program is set to take participants from zero knowledge to project founders in a comprehensive three part development series.

ZERO2HERO Builder Series

BNB Chain has announced a new virtual builder series to last 6 months from February to July in three separate segments.

The three segments of the builder series will include a bootcamp, hackathon, and a final incubator period, according to the blog announcement from February 13. Participants can expect an all-encompassing development into a promising Web3 career--literally from zero knowledge to a solid foundation to start a project.

“Zero2Hero is a six-month virtual program that serves as your one-stop-shop to get the skills, networks and resources you need to supercharge your career,” Christopher Duggan writes in the blog.

BNB Chain is partnering with major on-chain projects to assist in the production of the series, including Encode Club, Hacken, Chainlink Labs, NodeReal, and more. Participants will have a chance to learn everything from programming on Solidity to founding a project.

Applications for the first segment--bootcamp--are open as of February 13 and run until March 3. The Bootcamp is scheduled to begin on March 6, at which the second application period opens for the hackathon. The incubator application will open once the hackathon begins, in a similar cadence.

For all the details of the event, check out the blog post.

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