Blur Airdrop Season 2: Your Guide to Seizing the Chance for $BLUR Tokens and Profits

by BSC News

June 4, 2023


Although Season 1's airdrop has concluded, Blur has announced over 300 million $BLUR tokens for Season 2, coming soon.


  • Blur is offering Season 2 airdrop with over 300 million $BLUR tokens.
  • Loyalty, bidding, listing, and lending points determine airdrop rewards.
  • Maximize listing points by selling below floor price or temporarily listing above the floor price.
  • Highest-risk bid earns most points; longer active bids earn more points.
  • Maintain 100% loyalty for better chances of rare Mythical Care Packages.
  • Use Blend for lending points; make loan offers with higher max borrowing and lower APY.
  • Season 2 may have tougher competition and there will be wallet filtering for bid spoofing.

Don't Miss Out on the Blur Airdrop Again

Did you miss out on the incredible Blur airdrop worth nearly $1500? Don't despair! There's still a chance for you to seize the next ample opportunity with Blur Airdrop Season 2. Blur ($BLUR) is revolutionizing the NFT marketplace, offering users a decentralized platform for trading Non-Fungible Tokens. With features like seamless navigation across multiple marketplaces, faster access to NFT reveals, and an enhanced user experience, Blur is making waves in the industry.

For Season 2, Blur has announced an airdrop of over 300 million $BLUR tokens (12 percent of the total supply). The airdrop was initially supposed to take place in April 2023 but has been delayed.


Like Season 1, you must start listing and bidding NFTs on Blur to get a head start on the Season 2 rewards. In Season 2, Blur also confirmed that loyalty will be crucial to maximizing rewards.

Here's how you can increase your chances of receiving Blur's airdrop.

Ways to Maximize Your $BLUR Token Airdrop

Blur has four types of points that determine how many airdropped Care Packages you will receive and how rare they are. These are Bid Points, Lending points, Listing Points, and Loyalty. Besides that, Care Packages are divided into four rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical. As a Care Package becomes rarer, it contains more $BLUR tokens. So let’s see how to maximize your listing, bid, lending, and loyalty points.

How to Get Blur Listing Points

The formula for Season 2 should be similar to Season 1, which was: Listing points = A x B x C. Here, A: volume of the collection, B: floor price of the collection, C: is your listing close to floor price or below "top trait"?

Since many people have already mass listed their NFTs, your "top trait" will likely be close to the floor. Therefore, the fastest (and most dangerous) way to maximize your listing points is to sell NFTs below the floor price. In that case, you might lose money on them and have to sell them at a loss. 

Even if you don't plan on selling your NFTs, list them above the floor price for a short time at a price that won't sell. Then, you can remove them from the list, then relist them at a new price.

In addition, listing locked items on OpenSea allows you to farm more points due to their far lower price point than the "top trait" or even the "normal floor."

How to Get Blur Bid Points

The highest "risk" bid earns the majority of points within a collection. For instance, if the floor price for an NFT is $5.01, and there are 100 bids at $5, but your bid is $4.99, you will not earn as many points. This is because there are 100 bids ahead of you at a higher price. In contrast, you take the biggest risk if you bid at $5.01. 

Additionally, the longer your bid stays active, the more points you earn. As soon as your bid is accepted, you stop earning points. Up to 2.5x boosts are available to the top 100 bidders on Blur's 24-hour leaderboard.

How to Get Blur Loyalty Points

When you maintain 100% loyalty throughout the Season 2 campaign, you are more likely to receive Mythical Care Packages worth 100x Uncommon Care Packages. Your chances of getting a Mythial Care Package are as follows:

  • <50% loyalty:  low luck;
  • 50-90% loyalty: medium luck;
  • 90-97% loyalty: high luck; and
  • 97%+ loyalty: very high luck

Blur has suggested three ways to maximize your Loyalty Points:

  • List your NFTs through Blur without using the advanced listing feature, allowing you to list everywhere. There will be equal rewards for bidding and listing. The maximum listing points can be calculated as follows: listings x loyalty. As a result, the more listings you create, the more points you earn.
  • Mention Blur on Twitter to contribute to the Blur community.
  • Remove third-party listings by clicking "max your loyalty.". Please note that lists of NFTs not supported by Blur or other exchanges will not affect your loyalty.

How to Get Blur Lending Points on Blend

In a recent development, Blur has launched Blend, a peer-to-peer NFT lending solution. With Blend, NFT holders can borrow ETH against their NFTs without selling them. Further, if you want to buy an NFT, you can buy now and pay later. 


Currently, Blend offers three NFT collections: Azuki, Punks, and Milady. Lending Points will be substituted for Listing Points in these collections. So now the question is how you can maximize your Blur Lending Points.

You will receive points for your Loan Offers based on Max Borrow and Annual Percentage Yield. A Max Borrow is the maximum amount of ETH someone can borrow with a single NFT. The higher the Max Borrow, the better. On the contrary, a lower APY is better. Consequently, make loan offers with higher max borrowing amounts and lower APYs. 

Further, you can make multiple loan offers based on different borrowing limits and APYs on the same collection of NFTs. You can reuse the ETH in your Blur Pool across collections. Keep in mind that loan offers must remain open for at least 24 hours. You will lose 250 points for closing your offer before then.

If you have completed all of those steps, you can view your points on the Blur Airdrop page, which you can access by clicking here.

Points Harder to Earn? Implications of Longer Blur Season 2 Airdrop

When evaluating an airdrop, there are several crucial factors to consider. First and foremost, it's important to assess the likelihood of the project conducting an airdrop. In the case of Blur, their commitment to continuing the airdrop program sets a positive precedent.

Further, with Blur's substantial allocation of over 300 million $BLUR tokens for Season 2, the potential rewards are significant. The larger the token allocation, the more enticing the airdrop becomes.

Moreover, the utility of the token is also a key factor. In Blur's case, their focus on creating the fastest NFT marketplace and introducing innovative features like Blend and Lending Points demonstrates a clear purpose for the $BLUR token. As a result, participants in the airdrop have the opportunity to not only accumulate tokens but also benefit from the functionality and potential value appreciation of the token.

However, predictions suggest that if season 2 airdrops last longer, points will be between 2-10x harder to earn. 

There has not been any information about the airdrop rewards or their end date. In season 2, there will likely be fewer $BLUR rewards due to more people trying to get airdrops.

Airdrop competition also leads to more competitive bidding on the platform. The floor price is higher, and the bidding spread is narrower. Thus, bidding and flipping NFTs for profit will be harder.

Also, the Blur team is looking for people trying to "game" the system through spoofing bids. The Blur Teams has announced on Twitter that wallets found to be spoofing bids will be filtered out for Season 2, which means they will not be eligible for airdrops. As a result, it will be harder to earn points.

Nevertheless, as Blur gears up for Airdrop Season 2, anticipation is building for the substantial rewards that await participants. This hundred-million-dollar airdrop is poised to inject positive energy into the NFT landscape after a relatively dry period.

By staying informed and engaging with Blur's platform, you position yourself to seize the upcoming rewards from Blur Airdrop Season 2. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to be part of the flourishing Blur community and secure your share of the rewards. 

What is Blur:

The world of NFT trading has witnessed the emergence of a new player, the Blur NFT Marketplace, which offers a unique value proposition to NFT collectors and traders. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Blur operates as both a marketplace and aggregator, allowing users to list their NFTs for sale on multiple platforms simultaneously without any royalties charged. This innovative approach provides users with better tools, improved liquidity, and a faster experience compared to its competitors. With Blur's entry into the market, the NFT trading landscape is set to change, as collectors and traders alike look for a more seamless and efficient way to transact.

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