Bitget Wallet and Linea Forge Strategic Partnership for Web3 Trading Advancements

by BSC News

December 14, 2023


This integration aims to redefine the user experience by offering seamless connectivity to the Linea mainnet.

Bitget Wallet has joined forces with Linea, an Ethereum Layer 2 network. The integration allows Bitget Wallet users to connect to the Linea mainnet via their mobile app and browser extension, enabling the management of assets within the Linea ecosystem. 

This collaboration aims to propel the development and growth of Linea's innovative Layer 2 solutions. With Bitget Wallet's integration with Linea mainnet, users have access to a comprehensive set of features. 

As per reports, users can engage in multi-chain swaps for Linea mainnet tokens, access real-time candlestick data, and interact with various projects on the Linea ecosystem. 

"DeFi Voyage" Event and Task2Get Initiative

Bitget Wallet has launched the "DeFi Voyage" event on its Task2Get platform to mark the second phase of its Task2Get initiative. The event, running from December 14th to December 28th, encourages users to explore the Linea ecosystem within the wallet. 

By completing tasks such as token swaps and DApp interactions, users can reportedly earn Task2Get NFT rewards and participate in a total prize pool of $10,000.

Recent Developments

Bitget Wallet's collaboration with Linea follows its rebranding from BitKeep and a substantial capital infusion of $30 million from Bitget in March. The wallet has reportedly garnered 10 million users across 170 countries over five years. 

In addition to the Bitget-Linea collaboration, Sonorus, a key player in the blockchain music sector, has strategically partnered with Linea. Using Linea's Layer 2 solutions, Sonorus plans to integrate its music and TrendFi model into the Linea platform, marking a significant fusion of music and blockchain technology.


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