$10M for BNB Projects or IDO Launch | Cooperate with Biswap DEX

Collaborating with Biswap will enable projects building on BNB Chain to boost growth, leveraging the leading DEX’s vast community and networks.

Partner with Biswap: Explore Growth Potentials

Progressive BNB Chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Biswap, is offering collaborative opportunities to quality projects on BNB Chain looking to develop and gain more significance in the ecosystem.

What is Biswap:

Biswap is a rapidly expanding DEX on BNB Chain with low trading fees (0.2%), a unique Multi-type Referral program, and other essential features. With a rapidly expanding ecosystem, Biswap already has:

  • 70+ successful collaborations
  • 300+ connections with various prospective projects
  • 500,000+ supportive followers
  • 2,000,000+ total users on the Biswap website

By virtue of collaboration, Biswap aims to grow and conquer the DeFi space alongside other notable ecosystem projects.

Partnership Opportunities with Biswap

Fostering its own growth and that of other exciting projects on BNB Chain, Biswap offers three ways for projects to collaborate:

  • $10M program for BNB Chain projects: Through this program, projects can expect strong support and the necessary tools to help them reach new heights.
  • Individual basis cooperation: You can present unique ideas to the Biswap team about your vision in the perspective of collaboration.
  • Biswap IDO Launchpad. Through Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) on Biswap, new projects can launch tokens effectively, securely, and simply.

More Details About Each Partnership Offer

Below is a breakdown of the details regarding each collaborative offer from Biswap.

$10M Global Incentive Program for BNB Chain Projects

Biswap recently launched a Global Incentive Program with a $10 000 000 funds for all projects that are building on BNB Chain.

Through the incentive program, projects will gain assistance from Biswap’s team of professionals, providing them with the necessary tools to expedite growth.

There are 3 levels of cooperation available in the program depending on each project’s goals and development phase:

  • Basic: New projects just starting out can add liquidity (recommended amount is $100 000) and create a button that will lead to Biswap.
  • Expanded: This level allows existing projects continuing on BNB Chain to establish official collaboration with Biswap, and enhance token utility via official listings and cross-marketing on Biswap.
  • Advanced: Progressive quality projects can become strategic partners and enjoy various integrations, access to the Biswap Ecosystem of partners, and 100% Fee Reimbursement prolongation.

Core Benefits of the $10M Program

Here’s a list of several benefits BNB Chain projects can access by participating in Biswap’s $10M Global Incentive Program:

  • Up to 100% fee reimbursement.
  • 75% of fees as a liquidity provider.
  • Official listing on a leading DEX.
  • New utilities for your token.
  • Partnership opportunities with top projects.
  • Marketing promotion that reaches 500K+ followers.
  • Direct contact with the Biswap team.

Interested projects can fill out the Participation Form here!

For projects with unique individual exciting offers for the long run, the Biswap team is open to new ideas and win-win collaborations, implementing different kinds of integrations, offline activities, expanding token utility, and more.

Begin your collaboration journey with Biswap here!

Biswap IDO Launchpad

Projects that launch their tokens via Biswap IDO Launchpad can leverage the leading DEX’s 500k+ active users. In addition, your tokens will gain new utilities, strong promotion, and access to a large ecosystem of BNB Chain projects.

Here are the benefits projects obtain when launching via Biswap’s Initial Dex Offering:

  • Profitable utilities from a leading BNB Chain DEX.
  • Open and secure fundraising process.
  • A large number of fundraising participants.
  • IDOs presented to 2,000,000+ Biswap DEX Users.
  • Official IDO announcement will be promoted via 500K+ Biswap Social Media Community.

The simplicity of Biswap’s IDO launchpad has been combined with its maximum level of functionality, providing users with various ways to earn high yields after launch via holding, staking, and exchanging functions.

Apply to launch your project via Biswap IDO Launchpad here!

Contact Biswap’s Team of Professionals

Projects looking to collaborate with Biswap can contact the team through the following methods:

  1. Send an email to
  2. DM any of Biswap’s Business Developers: Chloe | Shen | Josh | Theodore

Due to the volume of projects reaching out, Biswap requires that projects add the following information in order to receive a quicker response:

  • A full-fledged offer.
  • A whitepaper.
  • A link to the website.
  • Social networks.
  • An audit.

This partnership initiative from Biswap DEX offers an excellent opportunity for various kinds of projects building on BNB Chain to receive solid support, marketing promotion, and other tools to boost development. Projects can choose from the option that best suits their goals and current development phase.

Stay updated with Biswap via the links below:
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