Binance Labs Invests in Rising Discord RPG Tatsumeeko

by BSC News

June 13, 2022


The venture capital arm of Binance makes a move into popular RPG gaming with the latest strategic capital allocation.

GameFi Strategic Investments

Binance Labs made a strategic investment into the rising Discord RPG game Tatsumeeko. 

Announced via the Binance Blogs on June 9th, Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, makes the move to support the immersive and growing popular modern fantasy MMORPG-lite game. Binance Labs is among a number of other investors that took part in the US $7.5 million seed round led by DeFiance Capital, Delphi Digital, and BITKRAFT Ventures. Among the investors were prominent crypto players such as Animoca Brands, Dialectic, Mechanism Capital, Folius Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Coinhako, and GuildFi, among others.

“Tatsumeeko has demonstrated their capabilities and consistent community growth and product development,” notes Mia Mai, Portfolio Manager at Binance Labs. “Binance Labs is very excited to support the team as they look to scale the game and improve the gameplay. We believe that Tatsumeeko could help push Web3 games to the mainstream market.”

The new funding round will see Tatsumeeko continue to develop the MMORPG-lite experience and see a future release on Ethereum and Solana. Additionally, in July 2022, Tatsumeeko will begin the first selling phase of their Aethereal Parcels, a piece of land that will offer the holder utility and unique attributes. 

What is Tatsumeeko:

Tatsumeeko is an MMORPG-lite that connects Discord and mobile communities to a modern fantasy RPG world. With roots in the community-led project called Tatsu.GG that has grown to over 1.44M Discord servers and used by over 60M users, Tatsumeeko combines the elements of idle games, JRPGs, and creative building games with heavy social elements and user-generated content to create a platform-agnostic, community-driven modern-fantasy MMORPG-lite for Discord, iOS, Mobile & Web. 

The Tatsumeeko team consists of veterans from triple-A entertainment companies such as SQUARE ENIX, Koei Tecmo, Tencent, Gumi, and Toei Animation. They have collectively shipped titles including Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Brave Frontier, WAKFU, Attack on Titan, Sword of the Stars, and more.

Learn more about Tatsumeeko:

Website | Twitter | Discord |

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