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Binance Announces Its Support For the Firo (FIRO) Network Upgrade & Hard Fork

Binance has announced technical support for Firo Network's upgrade and hard fork.

Handling Technical Requirements

Binance extends support for the Network Upgrade & Hard Fork set to be deployed on the Firo Network scheduled for June 16. 

Binance recently confirmed in an announcement blog from June 14 that it would support the upgrade and stated that deposits and withdrawals of FIRO coins would be suspended on the Network an hour before the hard fork.  The cryptocurrency exchange further confirmed that trading the FIRO coin on the Exchange will not affect the network upgrade and hard fork. 

According to Binance, it would handle all technical requirements for all users holding FIRO coins in their Binance accounts. Moreover, to ensure holders are clear on the purpose of the network upgrade and hard fork, Binance confirmed to its users that the network upgrade and hard fork would not create new tokens. At the time of writing, the FIRO token registered a 9% spike in price to exchange hands at $1.42 per FIRO token.

What is Firo Network:

The Firo Network is a protocol that focuses on cryptocurrency privacy with Lelantus and Lelantus Spark to provide trustless, on-chain privacy with high anonymity sets.

Find more about Firo here:

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Blog |

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