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Binance Angel Shares Views on Enhancing Crypto With Sign Language

Selçuk Aydin, a Binance Angel who has hearing loss, spoke about redefining crypto into a more inclusive Sign-Language Community.

Global Crypto Inclusion With Binance

The mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is inevitable, or so says the common wisdom among crypto’s true believers. But how inclusive is the crypto sector? Is it as welcoming for people who have disabilities as it is for people who don’t?

The truth is, probably not. Becoming more inclusive will require intentional action from individuals and institutions like Binance.

Users With Hearing Loss Face a Host of Challenges

In a recent interview with Binance, Binance Angel Selçuk Aydın, who has hearing loss, spoke about redefining crypto into a Sign-Language Community.

“We have countless users with hearing difficulties who take the Binance Academy tutorials but don’t understand much. There was this one time when my friend with hearing difficulties tried to solve their problem with the Customer Support team. He had difficulties communicating with the team, so he explained the situation to me with sign language, and I managed to help!” Aydin told Binance.

Unfortunately, users with hearing difficulties face numerous challenges when signing up or trading crypto. For instance, YouTube videos without transcripts or closed captions are not friendly to people with hearing loss, and manuals explaining how to sign up for services can be unclear.

“I will sometimes set up video meetings to help deaf users understand Binance and how to get started. In our Turkish Sign Language channel, we have the world’s first YouTube and Telegram resources dedicated to crypto for the hearing-impaired. Even Binance's Twitter page now shares sign language translations for events and promotions. I understand hearing impairments and know how or where I can assist hard-of-hearing users,” Selçuk shared with Binance.

While Selçuk spoke about how he and Binance were helping people with hearing loss use the platform, people with vision impairments also face many difficulties. Mark Jurgens of BSC News recently discussed how voice recognition, audio descriptions, and other features could simplify their crypto journeys. Learn more in this article.

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