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Big Week From Biswap Ontop of Exciting News

The platform recorded significant progress on Binance Smart Chain in a very productive week.

Biswap DEX Publish Weekly Highlights

Biswap Decentralized Exchange (DEX) continues to improve on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform shared a long list of events and fantastic news accomplished from the just-concluded week following its considerable progress. 

The DEX publishes weekly reports on its official blog, ensuring that users are updated about its progress in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The latest weekly news uncovers numerous events from January 17 till January 23, in a productive week on BiSwap. The protocol published the weekly report on January 22, later announced via Twitter

“Hello, Biswappers! Biswap platform had a very productive and exciting week! Robi is very thrilled to share the list of events and fantastic news. Join us as we take a look at the Biswap growth!” the protocol’s official blog reads. 

Biswap enjoyed a very productive week. One of the peaks remains the Squid Non-Fungible Token (NFT) vouchers that sold out entirely under 5 minutes on the Binance NFT marketplace. Biswap launched a collection of 2000 vouchers, each worth 40 BUSD. 

Other events from the protocol’s productive week include establishing the BSW Holder Pool, GameFi partnership with Human Memento, 2X Farm rewards increase, the addition of new Farms, the successful Youtube Squid NFT World contest, plus Lottery competition, and many others. Read the Biswap weekly highlights from January 17 - January 23 to learn more. 

Top GameFi and NFT Marketplace Status 

As stated earlier, the protocol achieved notable milestones, including top GameFi and top NFT marketplace status on BSC. According to, a trusted platform for analyzing thousands of decentralized applications (dApp) on numerous blockchains, Biswap Squid NFT World game topped the BSC charts on January 18th. Furthermore, the Biswap GameFi product recorded the highest number of users in 24hours. also disclosed the protocol’s number one status in terms of daily transaction volume, which Biswap tweeted on January 19. The Biswap NFT Marketplace recorded over $1.06M in transaction volume, more than 1.1M total transactions, and 32,226K+ users in 24 hours to accomplish the outstanding achievement on BSC. 

Aside from the considerable progress made by Biswap core products on BSC, the protocol was also declared safe by BSCDaily. Therefore, according to the news website’s tweet on January 18, Biswap is positioned as one of the safest projects on BSC. 

Biswap is the third project on Binance Smart Chain with the highest safety score | Source

Big Week Ahead 

Biswap will upgrade its three-type referral program this week to give users more profit in its native BSW tokens. The protocol tweeted about the new development on January 21st. 

“Swap referral program within 7D! More ways to earn crypto. Biswap will upgrade its Multi-Type referral program! Within 7 days, you will be able to: Earn up to 20% in $BSW from your referrals’ swaps,” the tweet reads. 

Biswap constantly looks for ways to incentivize users, ensuring they gain more from utilizing Biswap DEX. The upcoming referral program is another new event that BSC News will follow, as we expect another productive week for the BSC-based platform. 


What is Biswap? 

Biswap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the market with a three-type referral system and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.1%). It is a decentralized exchange platform for swapping BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Biswap has a popular utility token, BSW, with a huge user base that supports the Biswap ecosystem. Apart from being able to trade BSW token, you can also make use of a wide variety of additional benefits that come along with it. Biswap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms. 

Where to find Biswap:

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