BBS Message Boards Launches V3.0 Reddit of Blockchain

The new model brings new features to increase users engagement.

Utulu Hope
January 10, 2022
BSC News

BBS Network Launches V3.0.0 Upgrade 

The Bulletin Board System (BBS) Network has upgraded its Reddit-like message boards platform. The new version, V3.0.0, comes with numerous implementations, including increasing the cash-out limit for impressions to promote post engagement. 

The BBS censorship-resistant Network offers users the opportunity to generate income from creating forums, comments, and sharing ideas. The BBS team observed a lot after monitoring the boards’ activities while talking to the admins. To improve on the observations, BBS Network upgraded its user-owned platform. The protocol tweeted about the latest version on 9th January. 

“New Version - BBS 3.0.0! Last year was marked by rapid growth for the BBS Network, and we continue to push hard!” the tweet reads. 

CEO of BBS Network, Eyal Hertzog, published a statement concerning the new implementations. Eyal also thanked users for their massive role in launching the BBS V3.0.0 upgrade. 

“We have learned a huge deal from monitoring the activity on the boards and talking to the admins. Thank you for taking your time to engage!” Eyal wrote. 

What’s in The New Version? 

According to Eyal’s statement, the update would not have been possible without users’ engagements. Therefore, the implementations were carried out based on what they learned from their interactions with the community. Here are the changes made on the BBS Network, as seen in Eyal’s publication. 

  • Due to the large number of posts getting hidden, earnings originated from posts that were later hidden will be reduced from the earning members’ cash-out limit. 
  • In order to encourage engaging posts, the cash-out limit will be increased for the owner and the publisher of a post through its impressions rather than purchases. 
  • As a result, all banner spaces will be offered for leasing (rather than being optional). 

Some users reacted positively to the new update and implementation of the latest discoveries. We look forward to seeing how the updated model performs. Read the CEO’s statement to see users' reactions. 

What is BBS Network? 

BBS is like a Reddit forum with moderators, decentralized to run on any website. The network is a collection of all the BBS boards anywhere. Anyone can create a BBS, on any subject and run it on their domain. Each post works like a Non-fungible Token (NFT) because anyone can create and earn from it. 

Revenue generated is automatically shared between BBS Admins (owners), Community Moderators, Content Publishers (posts), Operators (web hosts) and Developers (new features). 

Learn more about BBS: 

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper 

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