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Battle of the Dapps by BSC News: Group A Preview

A preview of Group A of Battle of the Dapps and an introduction to the contestants.

Battle of the Dapps Round 1, Fight

Battle of the Dapps 3.0 is here!

As previously announced, the Battle of Dapps features nine projects on BNB Chain. Starting on August 10 at 7:00 PM UTC, the first round of the competition will be between Floki, GMR, and Hypermine.

Each dApp will be questioned on different topics ranging from smart contracts security, plans for longevity, liquidity, community, utility, and tokenomics. At the end of this round, only one of the three projects will be moving on to the finals.

The judges for this round will be Kamran Iqbal, COO and Co-Founder of BSC News, and Ben Antes, CFO and Co-Founder of BSC News.

Let’s meet the Group A contestants:

Floki - Ready to Battle

Designed to grant control of their finances to the people, the Floki Ecosystem comprises the Valhalla NFT Metaverse Game, the Floki University Crypto Education platform, a DeFi protocol, and the FlokiPlaces NFT and Merchandise Marketplace.

Powered by the FLOKI token, the Valhalla NFT Metaverse Game allows players to generate income by collecting FLOKI tokens when they play Valhalla.

The Floki University is designed as an educational platform where anyone interested can learn about cryptocurrencies and how they work.

By leveraging Chainlink price feeds, Floki has made it possible for its users to stake FLOKI tokens for rewards on its Floki Pools on Inverse Finance and Barn Bridge.

Lastly, the Floki ecosystem comprises an NFTs marketplace with FLOKI as the means of exchange on the platform.

The Vikings will be represented by Cobra Kai.

GMR - Born to Battle

Built to “formulate a sustainable synergy between blockchain technology and the gaming industry,” GMR is a GameFi platform that lets players participate in arcade games, trade game assets in its NFTs hub, and form player guilds where members can play against one another in teams.

Joining the fray on August 10th is the GMR CTO, Marc Garside.

Hypermine - Prepped and Ready

Hypermine is a decentralized gaming application where gamers are allowed to participate in the project’s Lobby 3D and Fomo 3D games. By participating in these games, players earn HMINE tokens.

Fighting on behalf of Hypermine is MIKO, the Head of Marketing for Hypermine.

We hope you are just as excited as we are to watch these leading projects battle one another for the title of the BSC News Dapp King!

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