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Base Chain Set to Launch With 100+ ETH Grants For Builders and Creators

Base Network will reward builders and creators with grants worth over 100 ETH from August 9 to September 16.

Incentivizing the Base Ecosystem 

Base Network is partnering with Prop House to offer lucrative ETH grants for builders and creators on its Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. The announcement comes ahead of the highly anticipated mainnet launch on August 9. 

Builders can earn from a grant worth over 100 ETH, approximately $180,000+. The grant will be divided into four phases, as shared in Base’s X announcement on August 7.

The four rounds of Prop House grants are as follows:

1. Onchain Summer (August 9 - 21): Participants can make art, a website, or anything they're inspired to for Onchain Summer on Base.

2. Build on Base (August 12 - 26): Opportunities to deploy a protocol, build infrastructure, or create a new application on Base.

3. Stand with Crypto (August 14 - 27): Creators can make a one-minute video sharing a crypto story or advocating for sensible legislation.

4. Based Accounts (August 16 - September 16): Build something that enhances user experiences on Base using account abstraction.

Base will share details about how users can participate in voting once Onchain Summer begins. The community eagerly awaits the creations emerging from its collaborative effort with Prop House. Further, It's an exciting time for innovation, and many look forward to what will be built on Base Network.

What is Base:

Base is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users to Web3. Base is built as the optimum environment for budding developers in Web3 to build on using their RPC testnet endpoint or choose from Node providers: QuickNode, Infura, and Blockdaemon. Developers can start building on the Base testnet today and stay tuned for the upcoming mainnet launch

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