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Bad Seeds NFT by Cecy Meade Unveils Whitelist Details and More

Bad Seeds NFT is the first personal generative collection by artist Cecy Meade, comprising 5,000 NFTs for BNB Chain that offer holders benefits.

Halloween Launch for Bad Seeds NFT by Cecy Meade

The Bad Seeds NFT by artist Cecy Meade has unveiled the whitelist details for its new treasure hunt game.

The new game of our Treasure Hunt is up.
Get to the TOP 10 and stay there.

🎱 Daily Top 3 will get a whitelist.
🔪 All-time Top 1 will get an NFT. #BNBChain

— Bad Seeds (@badseedsnft) October 18, 2022

Bad Seeds is Meade’s first personal generative collection of 5,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on BNB Chain.

“It all started as a very personal motivation to make my own collection but my main GOAL was to deliver a high-quality project and keep adding new features, so people feel motivated to hold,” Meade told BSC News.

In addition to launching Bad Seeds NFT, Meade was the lead artist in launching PancakeSquad NFTs by PancakeSwap and MoonPets on BNB Chain.


Upcoming Roadmap and Partnerships

The pre-sale date for the mint is Oct. 29 and the public sale commences Oct. 31.

"We have some surprises and partnerships with other projects. Once we leak the entire roadmap, you will see what plans we have for Bad Seeds in the very near future,” Meade said. “We are going to disclose all these features before minting but as a sneak peek, we are having some interesting crossover with another collection."

The project recently announced a partnership with MoonPets, creating the BadPets crossover.

🚨🚨Partnership announcement🚨🚨@MoonPets_NFT✖️@badseedsnft  
Wen? 🔜
🎱 Join #MoonPets TG to see if you will be eligible to claim 🌙 #dNFT #BadSeedsNFT

— Bad Seeds (@badseedsnft) October 19, 2022


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