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BabySwap MetaFi Bursts to Life

The ambitious upgrades to BabySwap will see incubation arms and sectors of the project focusing on development. This is their most ambitious move to date and a lot will be riding on its success.

BabySwap Takes Important Steps

Baby MetaFi has officially arrived with a series of updates in place for the Binance Smart Chain project. 

With MetaFi the key term in the recent BSC New Year Kick-Off event, BabySwap has set about utilizing the concept in their most recent updates. In a Medium post on January 13, the project team confirmed a series of updates ranging from their webpage, Baby GamePad, and Baby MetaLabs. The team even expanded on the formula they see as key to progression. 

“From the very beginning, our team has had the gut feeling of how the DeFi would evolve. We came up with the idea of AMM+NFT+GameFi = Foundation + Connector + Ultimate Goal, and that was the same time Baby MetaFi popped up in our heads,” the team explained of utilizing the term. “The future of DeFi must be complicated and diverse so that different kinds of assets can realize their real values in a world where everything is priced, yet everything is priceless and has an unimaginable future value.”

Updates Detailed


The display has been altered to better coordinate with the recent Baby MetaFi initiative the team has explained. More features have been adapted as opposed to the original page functioning solely as a DEX.


Baby GamePad

An initial post the day before the MetaFi announcement already detailed features of the Baby Gamepad. But the concept as a whole will be in lieu of GameFi projects that are incubated by and collaborated with BabySwap. Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) will be available to offer the governance tokens of games and NFT items in games.

Baby MetaLabs

The project constructed a separate department for private investment. Baby MetaLabs will look to invest in Web3 infrastructure, DeFi Protocols, GameFi, and SocialFi. This will be to aid with initial offerings, marketing, liquidity, and a host of other factors. The emphasis is to allow users to invest in earlier rounds.

The entire MetaFi swing by BabySwap registers their most ambitious move to date. The success the move will prove depends on the kind of projects they help ignite and how they inspire users. BSC News will be paying close attention to see how this ambitious move plays out. 

What is BabySwap?

BabySwap is the top Automated Market Maker and Non-Fungible Token decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain. It brings a fun and friendly trading experience with great project support. 

BabySwap’s token, BABY, trades around $0.07 USD and has a 24-hour trading volume of over $30,000 USD. The NFB initiative is one of BabySwap's core NFT products that focuses on DeFi staking. The platform has also recently incorporated yield farming and liquidity mining to help boost the gains of its users. 

Find BabySwap at the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub |

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