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BabySwap Grows into Maturity, Surpasses $500 Million MarketCap

Baby swaps Micro Cap for altcoin as market cap soars amidst market uncertainty.

BabySwap No Longer a Micro Cap as Price Soars

The price swing enjoyed by BabySwap has come in complete opposition to the general market pull back endured by nearly all projects. 

$BABY now sits at a healthy $3.87, according to CoinMarketCap, and has a market cap of nearly $500 Million, at the time of writing. The growth has been astounding as the project has done almost 400% in just under seven days. 

This is all the more impressive in the current market climate. The ambitions of the project are fairly clear, and it appears the current good fortune is nothing short of what had been expected:

"It took us almost 6 months from BabySwap to Baby Metaverse, but that’s what we always wanted to do. We believe AMM is the fundamental, NFT is the connector, and GameFi is the final goal, and the data proved us right!” BabySwap Marketing Team Member Auntie Cecilia revealed exclusively to BSC News

Many will be buoyed by the huge success the project has enjoyed in the past week against the general market sentiment, as BabySwap attempts to become a pivotal part of the BSC ecosystem. 

There is, however a recognition from BabySwap’s key marketing members that although much has been achieved there is still a great deal to be done if the project is to establish itself as a leading light in the Binance Smart Chain: 

“Thanks to all The Crypto You and BabySwap lovers for all the participation and support, we know we are far from the best, but we are trying to be one. Our data these days is pretty amazing, climbing straight up with steady steps,” Auntie Ceclia continued.  

As the project’s growing market cap suggests, the project is clearly shifting in perception from a Micro Cap to an influential AltCoin. This will certainly do much to keep attracting prospective investors.

“Yet, there are many things that need improvements. We hope everyone in any country could have a place in The Crypto You and find the crypto version of you in the game. Play to earn, and enjoy your life," Auntie Cecilia concluded.

What is BabySwap

BabySwap is the top Automated Market Maker and Non-Fungible Token decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain. It brings a fun and friendly trading experience on top of great project support. 

BabySwap’s token, BABY, trades around $0.07 USD and has a 24-hour trading volume over $30,000 USD. The NFB initiative is one of BabySwap's core NFT products that focuses on DeFi staking. The platform has also recently incorporated yield farming and liquidity mining to help boost the gains of its users. 

Find BabySwap at the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub |

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