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Baby Doge Coin Holds Best Meme Contest Giveaway

With many use-cases being developed, Baby Doge Coin continues to engage the attention of its community with a giveaway campaign.

Baby Doge Coin Meme Contest

One of BSC's trendy meme tokens, the Baby Doge Coin, has concluded a meme contest for its teeming community. Total prize money of $1,000 was split by community members who came up with the three best Baby Doge memes.

The Baby Doge meme with the most Twitter likes won the 1st prize of Baby Doge tokens worth $500, while the 2nd and 3rd winners who were chosen by the team won Baby Doge tokens worth $300 and $200, respectively.

"MEME contest. Create your best #BabyDoge meme and post below! 1st place will be whichever meme has the most likes by Sunday Dec 12th at 11am EST. 2nd & 3rd will be chosen by our team!" Baby Doge Coin tweeted on December 9th to announce the contest.

Meme contests such as this are a cool way of keeping a project’s community-engaged. This is especially so during times when the community is waiting for a new milestone from the project team.

Who were the Winners?

1st Place: Source

We expected to see more creativity from the Baby Doge community but most entries did not have the elegance and appeal we would have loved to see. However, Twitter users Umar Mohammed and Hafiz Gibran were selected as the 1st and 2nd winners, while the 3rd winner had not yet been tagged by the project as of press time. 

2nd Place: Source

Baby Doge Strives for Credibility

Much of the crypto-world views meme-tokens as shitcoins. Shitcoins are cryptocurrencies that the public perceives to derive value from the hype and actions of influencers rather than from solid use cases. Baby Doge seems intent to shake off that unflattering shitcoin perception. The project has made persistent efforts towards building utility around its meme token.

Baby Doge says it's on a mission to save dogs and has donated to dog welfare organizations. Along with a BSC-ETH mobile bridge that is already live, a wallet, decentralized exchange, and debit card are currently being developed by the team. The project has been able to attract a strong community of 585,000 Twitter followers and 198,000 Telegram members who are keeping faith with its vision. Baby Doge Coin has also been audited by top blockchain security firm, Certik.

What is Baby Doge Coin? 

Baby Doge is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) cryptocurrency meme coin, which started as a play on Dogecoin. Baby Doge became incredibly popular when Elon Musk tweeted out his ‘support’ for Baby Doge. The tweet propelled Baby Doge right into the mainstream meme coin communities. Since then, the platform's community has seen tremendous growth.

Where to find Baby Doge Coin:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Discord 

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