Baa, Baa, CryptoSheep: Check Out This New NFT Game From LightsOUT

by BSC News

October 19, 2022


CryptoSheep is the new NFT game from LightsOUT. Players can win from a prize pool of 12.5 BNB by sending the Wolf to "kill" Sheep. Watch out for Shepherds!

LightsOUT Presents CryptoSheep

Time is running out to participate in the new CryptoSheep Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game from the LightsOUT ecosystem.

Public minting is taking place on Rareboard until 11:59 p.m. UTC on Oct. 22. For 0.125 BNB, users receive a pack of five CryptoSheep NFTs to play the game.

The CryptoSheep collection comprises 200 packs -- or 1,000 NFTs, with characters including 990 Sheep, 9 Shepherds, and one lone Wolf randomly distributed among the packs.

The new game has an innovative set of rules, as LightsOUT continues to put its own twist on NFT utilities. The ecosystem launched on BNB Chain with free minting of 11,111 foundational LiO NFTs, which give holders utilities and perks in regard to a planned series of games, including CryptoSheep.

CryptoSheep NFT holders can participate in the game, which involves the holder of the Wolf NFT sending the Wolf to other holders’ wallets in order to “kill” their Sheep, which, in turn can be protected if they happen to be holding a Shepherd.

Up for grabs is a prize pool of 12.5 BNB. Additionally, any Sheep that survive the game will give holders an “advantage” in a future LightsOUT game.

Below is a snapshot of the game’s rules:

For more details about the CryptoSheep game, check out this Twitter thread from LightsOUT:

What Is LightsOUT NFT:

LightsOUT is a collection of 11,111 LiO NFTs built on BNB Chain, representing a trading game. The protocol also plans to launch two more games and collections as the year unfolds. Holders participating in the first game will enter the draw to win half the price from a price pot created from trading NFTs on the Royalties’ Marketplace.

For more information, see here:

Twitter | Telegram

What Is Rareboard:

Rareboard is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator & Rarity Dashboard built for projects housed on the BNBChain. It also provides a platform where users can mint, buy & accept bids on NFTs from multiple marketplaces at no extra cost.

Where to find Rareboard:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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