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#AxieCon In Barcelona: A Recap of the First Half of the Axie Infinity Convention

AxieCon's first day of panel discussions were full of insights, presentations, news and of course, leaks from different members of the community.

Community members of the PlayAndOwn blockchain game Axie Infinity were treated to great parties, and even greater panel discussions during the first half of AxieCon.

Source: @Jihoz_Axie Twitter

AxieCon kicked off with a registration party at the Go Beach Club in Barcelona. Community members got to meet not only the core team, but also each other through a pool party that served Axie-themed drinks. Zyori welcomed everyone to the venue where the first day started with a discussion of content creation featuring Een Mercado, Tonhaca Nascimento, and Kyroh Vitt.

“Axie Infinity is a whole universe,” Zyori said while opening AxieCon. “It’s a universe driven mostly by User Generated Content. There’s going to be more Axie IP, and more games on the Ronin Network. User Generated Content is really how we see ourselves scaling this thing.”
Source: @Jihoz_Axie Twitter

Various Axie Infinity stakeholders presented on topics they’ve heavily contributed on. Guild Leaders of Quest, YGG, and Sura Gaming gave their opinions on the future of guilds within web3. YGG cofounder Gabby Dizon shared his thoughts on how he sees guilds taking on more of a service, media, or content focus, rather than relying purely on scholarships.

Syntax, together with Jihoz and Artic talked about the different phases of governance within the Axie ecosystem. Chainalysis Head of Investigations, Erin Plante, discussed the Ronin Heist, where $30,000,000 in assets have been frozen and will be returned to Axie. Carra Wu of a16z, Arnau Ramió of Unlocked, and Louis Sutton of Moonpay touched on digital ownership .

The Next Axie Is Axie

Screenshot from Axie Infinity Twitch livestream

Presentations by members of the development team delighted Lunacians in attendance. Vince Zolezzi introduced LiveOps to the audience through a new feature called “Contests”.  Jeff “Shade” Kam, head of the marketplace team, showcased their plans for the future of App.Axie, which includes features like collection offers and user profiles.

Sky Mavis Product VP, Philip La, talked about player owned economies and gave an update on the progress of the much awaited Land Gameplay during his AxieCon speech.

“Land is the gathering place for the Lunacian digital nation to play, socialize, and build. It’s a multi year project that we are fully invested in building out for our community. - Philip La

The highlight of the first day was the key note speech done by the founders of Axie Infinity. Trung Nguyen shared nostalgic memories of the early version of the game. Aleksander Larsen touched on the Ronin Heist and added utility to Mystic Axie holders.

Jihoz talked mainly about Axie Infinity: Origins. by highlighting a slight change of title from Origin, and showing leaderboard rewards for Season 1. Axie’s growth lead also gave leaks on a feature that the community has been waiting for, Part Upgrades.

Screenshot from Axie Infinity Twitch livestream
“This is something that the community has always been asking us about,” Zirlin joked. “It’s been something that we as community members have been looking forward to for four years now.”

The part upgrades will come with new aesthetics, stat boosts, and additional runes and charms functionality. Jihoz also revealed that  Equippable Accessories, which are cosmetics that will come sooner rather than later. Panels ended with the attendees talking about their experiences being part of Axie Infinity.


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