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Axie Infinity Plots Next Steps for Axie Core

The latest announcement shows a refocus to the user experience and will also enhance Axie characteristics.

Axie Team Prepares Updates to Axie Core

Axie Infinity has penned a heartfelt message to its community setting out the next steps to update and improve the Axie experience. A Substack post from Nov. 6 gave users details on how the Axie team will focus updates heading into 2023.

The Axie team promised some updates to arrive during the holiday season. The team announced a return to its roots and will dedicate more to building the experience players have with their Axies. The Axie Core game updates will primarily focus on Axies and how players interact with them.

“Axie Core is the Axie experience that is eternal and not tied to one particular game; it’s the universal Axie experience and aesthetic,” the Substack writes. “The goal of Axie core is to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your axies.”

Key Updates to the Axie Core:

  • Axie accessory improvements, e.g., cosmetics - expected Holiday season 2022
  • Parts upgrades - expected 2023
  • Revamped breeding experience included with parts upgrades - expected 2023
  • New achievements to highlight Axie characteristics and player creations - expected 2023
  • Several updates for Mystic and Origin: websites, merch, commercial rights, Axie updates & more - expected 2023

The Axie team wants to see Axie push through the bear and continue to define Web3 gaming. The builder and player experience-focused updates will enhance the gaming experience through several verticles. As one of the pinnacle blockchain games: where Axie goes, the industry continues to follow.

What is Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a PlayAndEarn blockchain game where players breed, collect, and play with digital pets called Axies and earn from the interactions. It’s built on Ronin, an Ethereum-based side-chain developed by Vietnamese-based gaming studio Sky Mavis. The protocol put eyes on the PlayAndEarn gaming industry back in 2021. In addition, the team is building a digital nation where each community member comes together to play, earn, and live in Lunacia.

Where to find Axie Infinity:

Website | Twitter | Substack | Medium | Whitepaper |

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