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Axie Infinity Holds Lunar New Year Event

Long-awaited Axie releasing feature now live with a chance to win 5 Axie Origin Coins to mint an Origin Axie.

Lunar New Year In Lunacia

Axie Infinity, a PlayToEarn blockchain gaming project on the Ronin network, recently released a Lunar New Year event for its community.

A long-awaited feature in the Axie Infinity metaverse recently went live. Players now have the option to release their Axies giving them a chance to win 5 Axie Origin Coins, tokens used to mint Origin Axies, among other prizes. The official Axie Infinity Twitter account announced the event on January 20 a few minutes after a marketplace maintenance took place.

“This is a day we’ve been looking forward to since 2018. Axie releasing, an important component to Axies’ lives and a key lever in our quest for economic balance, is finally here!” Axie Infinity tweeted.

Players releasing Axies are guaranteed one of five Lunar New Year event land items. These items will be considered a piece of Axie history as owning them not only adds cosmetic value to your land plot but also signifies that you participated in the first-ever Axie releasing event, which will run from January 20 to February 20, 2022. 

Axies Go On a Journey

Players rushed to the marketplace to pick up floor Axies to send on a journey as soon as the maintenance was over. Roughly 15,000 Axies were sent on a journey within the first hour of the feature going live. Jeffrey Zirlin, Axie Infinity’s growth lead, took to Twitter to talk about the event.

“First 3 pages of floor Axies are all bought. Start on page 4!” Jihoz playfully announced.“Our first sink is here. Feels good. Lots of room to get better and introduce new awesome events like this. Looks like ~15,000 Axies were bought in 1 hour off the floor. GN! #Axielny”

Cosmetic Lunar New Year land items with varying drop chances are guaranteed when a trainer releases an Axie. The Crimson Tiger is the rarest of the bunch with a 1% drop rate, followed by the Lucky Lantern and the Blossom Tree with a 9% and 20% drop rate each. Both the Assorted Firecrackers and Traditional Snack Boxes have a 35% chance to be the cosmetic land item players get when an Axie is released.


Each Axie release also gives a raffle entry to a very legendary raffle draw. 100 winners will get to win a Coingecko or Ganbaru CrypTon epic land item, while ten winners stand a chance to get a Kitsune mystic land item. The main prize of five AOC Tokens will go to one lucky winner of Raffle #1, allowing the winner to mint an Origin Axie with a 33% chance of it becoming a coveted Mystic Axie.

How To Release An Axie


The Axie releasing feature can be accessed through the Axie Infinity marketplace via the Lunacia Express tab or through the newly placed release button next to the “Gift” Axie option on your Axie’s page. Once an Axie is selected, trainers need to check the box saying that they understand that releasing the Axie means that it is no longer theirs, even if there is a chance that it will be useful in future game modes. A message saying “Goodbye, friend.” will appear after a short animation confirming that you’ve released your Axie.


After releasing your Axie, a Lunar New Year event land item will then be viewable through the Lunacian Express tab of the marketplace. Players just have to click the “View your LNY item” button seen just below the “Release your Axie” button on the page. The Lunar New Year items are just viewable at the moment, and can be claimed after the event.

The Sky Mavis support team has prepared an FAQ page for the event, which trainers can consult prior to raising a ticket if they have any questions. Visit the Axie Infinity substack post for the full event details.

“Your Axies will not come back from this journey,” Axie Infinity reminds the community through a tweet.

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