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Autofarm Launches AutoAmplify to Help Promote Projects

The AutoAmplify program will bring a liquidity injection to Autofarm will providing new projects with marketing boosts at launch.

Autofarm Amplifies DeFi Ecosystem

Autofarm has announced a new partnership program to help onboard new projects onto its protocol called AutoAmplify. Autofarm will spread awareness and influence by marketing the newly listed vaults while giving users boosted token vaults for added earnings.

The new program will use the native tokens of new protocols to help boost vault APYs and provide airdrop prizes to Autofarm users, as per the official blog from January 23. Autofarm admits this move is a commitment to bring new services to Auto aficionados while growing its ecosystem of fourteen supported chains.

“Any project from a chain which is supported by Autofarm or any EVM-compatible network willing to get onboard the Autofarm ecosystem can now apply for the partnership programme!” writes the blog post. 

The past year saw the Autofarm protocol provide thousands of vaults for its users with some of the lowest fees around on Binance Smart Chain. The AutoAmplify program finally provides projects with a clear pathway for listing onto AutoFarm and should hopefully provide an injection of liquidity that will please AUTO hodlers.

Interested projects must fill out an application form and can join at no cost beyond providing the initial native tokens. Autofarm provided a presentation pitch with all the necessary details that projects would need to understand the depth to which Autofarm will support the projects in the program. 

What is Autofarm?

Autofarm is a chain-agnostic, yield aggregating DeFi protocol with three key product offerings; a yield optimizer (vault service), DEX aggregator, and an intelligent portfolio manager. It is a one-stop DeFi hub with hyper-optimized cross-chain DEX & yield aggregators on 14 EVM-compatible chains. Autofarm’s vision is to continuously innovate, expand and grow the Autofarm brand and protocol.

Where to find Autofarm:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

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