AQUANEE AMA Transcript

"The AQUANEE project is a game ecosystem built on platform blockchain."

1. Can you introduce yourself and the team behind Aquanee?

Gianfranco Filice


My name is Gianfranco, I graduated from Stanford with a degree in economics. Prior to joining Aquanee, I was an investment banker in Silicon Valley.

Team members are mainly distributed in different countries, including Japan team (art design, UI design, Sound design), Singapore (operations, blockchain technology development). Taiwan has a game team of 25 people in charge of game development and production. There are 25 people in charge of game planning and numerical, game research and development, art team, 9 people in charge of operation and marketing team, 15 people in charge of blockchain technology support team.

With more than 7 years of background in game planning, development and art team, the company has released more than 10 head games worldwide, including DNF series, Civilization, 99Ji, Blacksand, etc

Talented group of individuals if you ask me!

Tom, thats quite impressive! The teams credentials are also impressive! Have your prior experience in economics/finance influenced Aquanee's tokenomics?

Gianfranco Filice

Yes!  I try to leverage my background on a banker and economist to assist in ensuring that the tokens achieve high value and are not impacted by inflation. We make this point really clear in our whitepaper, and I am proud of the Aquanee team for letting me contribute in that way.


Brilliant, I am impressed! 

2. Can you tell us the vision of Aquanee? For example a few years down the line how do you want people to see Aquanee?

Gianfranco Filice

The goal of Aquanee is to create a long-term oriented GameFi community for years to come. 

We want to be the next generation, pioneering gamefi project, but we recognize that all the talent, skill, and creativity can't get us there unless we have the right partnerships and people involved to help us get there. 

And by people, I mean community.

We want to be considered the gold-standard for GameFi projects that leverage 3-D based graphics and incorporate top tier game design mechanics to ensure long term interest and growth.

We plan on doing this through our product roadmap, which includes incorporation of AR/VR wearables in gameplay, along with other building out a Metaverse component through the next few years.


Aim high! I am genuinely looking forward to the development of the project. I have watched videos of gameplay but unfortunately can't play the pre-release looks good already though!

3. Leading on from this, what separates you from other NFT games on the market at the moment?

Gianfranco Filice

We are the only pure Unity-based 3-D game. We have some of the most spectacular, industry-standard NFT artwork and in-game graphics. And beyond the art, the team brings over 10 years of game development, furthering our confidence in making a high-quality, long-term game. 

Additionally, we have a unique economic growth system that is driven by social gameplay and map exploration, giving every player the chance to build up their skillset and earn points.

Another cool component is that through our partner, we have the ability to offer Bitcoin rewards to players that explore the game's landscape. That's not something many projects can offer.


Epic! That's very impressive. I used to teach C# and Unity! Currently the game is a downloadable .exe file but are there plans in future to have a web-based game for example releasing on WebGL?

Gianfranco Filice

Yes, we have full intention of releasing the game for play via web-based browser, but in addition, we will have clean versions for release on both iOS and Android. We want to expand the potential user base accordingly, knowing that most people have a mobile phone and are willing to try out new games through that media as opposed to downloading software.


Perfect! Having an NFT game in the palm of your hands is Star-Trek level technology!

4. Would you class Aquanee as 'play to earn'?

Gianfranco Filice

Yes, Aquanee is very much in the play to earn segment of gaming. 

In order to play the game, you need to spend roughly ~$300 USD to get access to a mystery box of Aquas (the main NFT in the game) to play. From there, you can breed, build up experience points, then resell them on the secondary market, further increasing one's ability to earn money from the game.


That's good...I think in comparison to other P2E games ~$300 is very reasonable. 

5. Will Aquanee offer a scholarship system?

Gianfranco Filice

Yes, we have full intention of offering a scholarship system to ensure that players who want to play but cannot afford to, have the ability to do so. Additionally, we will be opening up a P2P renting and borrowing mechanism such that players can borrow AQUAs from other players and share in the proceeds.


Music to my ears! A few P2E games for scholarships require 'managers' to manually transfer rewards to their scholars. Will you have an 'all in one' system or will managers still need to distribute rewards manually?

Gianfranco Filice

In the future versions of the game, we will have an all in one system. We plan on accelerating its development, assuming the DAO makes and approves such a proposal. For now, we plan on implementing managers manually transfering the rewards, but that will not be the case in the long term as we complete these edge features of the game.

6. Can you talk us through the earning tokenomics for the players/scholars?

Gianfranco Filice

We have two tokens, (1) Nee and (2) AQDC

Force Stones(NEE) 

1/ When reproducing, [NEE] will be consumed. The number of [NEE] consumed will increase as you reproduce more AQUAs, however, the [NEE] required for each phase are different. 

Before reaching the Universe Phase, all AQUAs can evolve to the next phase. The evolution requires consumable item [Star Power(AQDC)] and a AQUA of the same phase. The higher the phase, the more [Star Power(AQDC)] will be consumed. After the evolution, the AQUA’s all attributes will be increased.

Nee is used for game consumption and aqdc is used for ecological governance

AQDC can be purchased on DEX and CEX (in the future) and is more of a utility token, whereas NEE is most similar to Smooth Love Potion in Axie Infinity.

NEE is only earned in the game and cannot be bought or sold through a DEX/CEX. Whereas AQDC is the utility token.

AQDC has 25% of its supply burned each quarter as a means of controlling inflation. The initially supply is 1,000,000,000


Thank you! I may be misunderstanding things here but if $NEE is the reward token and cannot be sold on DEX/CEX, can people 'cash out' their earnings?

Gianfranco Filice

Yes, there will be an exchange portal, with which NEE can be exchanged for AQDC :)

Thanks for allowing me the chance to clarify.

7. I see, thank you for the clarification. What steps have you taken to ensure sustainability of P2E rewards within Aquanee?

Gianfranco Filice

We are talking every precaution to ensure that we do not engage in runaway inflation. This includes working with our ecosystem and institutional partners to determine best practices set by the industry. 

We are doing so by enabling burning mechanisms for NEE and AQDC along with reduced reward block rates as time progresses. We want to reward players who join the game sooner as opposed to those who join later.


Great! Is $NEE inflationary or deflationary?

Gianfranco Filice

It is a deflationary token, as burning mechanisms are employed. For example, in order to explore or breed or fight with Aquas, some NEE is spent to engage in those activities.


Thank you for this, I am answering quite in depth questions and appreciate all the information!

8. I am very interested in your breeding chart in the whitepaper, can you talk us through this and did you base the breeding model of any existing projects?

Gianfranco Filice

The breeding chart and its associated rates were determined by advice from Huobi's partnership head to determine best practices. It was definitley inspired by other projects, though it would be difficult to pinpoint which ones. 

Essentially, in order to breed AQUAs at a higher level, there is an upper bound as to how many AQUAs can be bred as well as the amount of NEE required to execute such transaction. This makes high value AQUAs harder to increase in number, which makes them more valuable on the secondary market.

9. Large guilds such as YGG, Avacado and Players Guild seem very bullish on a few of the current up-and-coming NFT games, are guilds something that Aquanee will accommodate for and if so in what way?

Gianfranco Filice

We have every intention of working with guilds, some of which you listed we have already been in contact with.

That being said, we want to phase them into the game slowly over the course of a year.

The reason for this is that this game is oriented toward all players, those who are professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists. We don't want to create a game that is full of professional gamers who reap the benefits at the cost of everyone else's chance of having fun and earning the most they can. 

To make a long term game, we want to induce fairness in our approach.


That's great news for everyone, I will keep my eyes peeled for any updates!

10. In part 2.2 of your whitepaper you mention your target audience demographics, what research are you basing this off?

Gianfranco Filice

The largest gaming demographic is the 18-40 age group. We also have determined that most players interested in our type of game would largely be males

While we anticipate a larger percentage of women and perhaps younger and older demographics, we wanted to target where we felt the most confident we could win over players

11. Current marketplace sales are in $AQDC, considering people may be selling AQUAS for fiat gain by then selling $AQDC, do you not think it may be better to have marketplace sales in a USD-pegged stable coin?

Gianfranco Filice

The AQDC token is particularly important beyond a pegging to a stable coin - it is also a utility token. Without AQDC, we would not have the ability to build consensus through DAO voting, provide in-kind rewards via staking, and allow for deflationary burning and the like if it were a stable coin. 

Additionally, we see much more value in building up a coin that is driven by the community, as opposed to being pegged to a fiat. The other component is that with USD inflation reaching 7%+ and no signs of slowing down, we can insulate ourselves from it's devaluation of our token.

12. If one wanted to start playing Aquanee, how would they start? Have you got a step-by-step guide for example?

Gianfranco Filice

Yes, we have a full game guide that we put together over this last week.

The best way to learn more about the game and how to get started is to join our social groups where we can onboard you and your members directly :)

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