Announcing the BSC.News Official Podcast

The BSC.News team is launching its own podcast, covering the hottest topics on the BSC, De-Fi, and the overall Crypto markets. Our debut episode will be available on 12/6/20, an AMA concerning the future of Thugs.Fi with boss himself, 8Ball.

Goon Trades
December 4, 2020

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem continues to broaden its horizons in the world of De-Fi. To continue being on the cunning edge of the BSC and De-Fi news the team at BSC.News has decided to launch our podcast.


On our first episode, you will join our host KCrypto, and our guest 8Ball, the Boss of Thugs. Finance. During the discussion, 8Ball answers questions regarding the future roadmap for Thugs, NFT East/West staking, insight on the game, and projects in the pipeline for HOES staking. This podcast is almost an hour-long, comprised of community questions, so come prepared.


After our debut podcast episodes are posted weekly, when there is no guest present, I (Goon Trades) will step in as a co-host discussing the latest topics discerning De-Fi with our host KCrypto. We will dive further into De-Fi concepts, projects, and overall market conditions in crypto. This podcast will be a go-to for those interested in De-Fi and the BSC.


Don’t miss our debut episode on 12/6/20; this discussion will contain tons of alpha concerning Thugs. Finances’ future from the Boss himself, 8Ball.

Our podcast can be found on our website on the dedicated podcast page.

KCrypto –Host  

8Ball – Guest    

Goon Trades –Co-Host

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Goon Trades

Greg (GoonTrades) is BSC News' Chief Editor and is also a writer for the team. Currently enrolled as an economics major, he finds himself as a cryptocurrency researcher, writer, and technical trader.