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AMAchella Sees Innovative MVB Projects Open Up

The hugely successful projects dropped by to reel off important information regarding their projects and the future.

AMAchella Welcomes MVB Winners

In our latest AMAchella, BSC News welcomed Open Ocean, Tranchess, Radio Caca, and X World Games. Thetan Arena’s participation eventually fell through, but the event itself still brought about important insights to the relevant projects. 

With over 2,000 viewers online in the BSC News Telegram channel for the AMA, key figures from each organization set about offering important answers to questions fielded by our very own @DrewtheAce.

Key figures in attendance were:

Source: BSC News

The already successful MVB winners began by addressing questions regarding the background to the projects and what led them toward the innovations they have brought about.

“The reason we are building OpenOcean is that many decentralized exchanges function as AMMs, but most of these are isolated and have little interoperability,” Open Ocean’s Janis explained. 

And Janis’ answer was in keeping with many of the other projects who alluded to some of their motivations for the important work they’d gone on to do.

“Nothing is more exciting than building the future for millions of people. Working on USM Metaverse gives me and all of our team members meaning because we believe that we are building something great for the world. I am looking forward to sharing more in this AMA,” Radio Caca’s Vitaliy stated.

The questions of course began to take on more specificity as each project were asked about their team and how their relevant members align with their projected goals. 

“A large part of our c-suite comes from the financial sector, ranging from investment banks, asset management, and hedge funds,” Tranchess’ Co-Founder Danny Chong revealed. “We also have team members from tech giants like Google/Microsoft/Facebook, top tier consulting firms, and a strong tech team with background in cybersecurity and smart contract coding.”

The answers and insights revealed offered up important suggestions about what set their projects apart and the impact they felt they would go on to have on Web3. Another important factor for each of these projects was what impact they felt the MVB success could have.

“It's a huge milestone for the team XWG, and it's such an honor. We really appreciated all the help from our community members and given support from the team BSC,” X World Games’ Co-Founder Edwin Liu said. “Being one of the top 10 MVB II projects, we get more recognition and awareness from the crypto space and more chances to collaborate with some top-quality projects in the ecosystem.”

An important question that many of the attendees will have been looking out for asking about any exciting news we can look forward to. 

Tranchess Chief, Danny Chong revealed that his project “are launching our BNB fund in Mid Jan 2022. This was our first DAO proposal that was voted and approved by the Tranchess Community, hence it’s very meaningful from the direction to work towards a full DAO status.”

For this and other exclusive pieces of information, you’d been looking forward to acquiring jump on the script of the highly anticipated event here.

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