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Alchemy Toys: NFT + MMPOG + DeFi Squeezed Into the Classic Alchemy Game

Alchemy brings gaming and NFTs away from mere NFT creations. The platform is releasing a new wave of MMORPG gaming concepts combined with NFTs and Decentralized Finance.

What are Alchemy Toys?

Alchemy Toys infuses concepts of gaming, Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and DeFi. They bring fun and excitement to collecting unique collectibles that are backed by real value. The team prides itself with innovative tokenomics that ease selling pressure; meanwhile, all of its reward systems are paid in Binance Coin (BNB), giving players the rare ability to have unlimited fun when playing and collecting NFTs.

Alchemy Toys

Each of the Alchemy Toys NFTs are backed with tangible assets, giving it a Gold-standard feeling and making it distinct from the thousands of worthless NFTs already in circulation. The economics of the system is such that holders do not feel the need to dump their tokens as they give holders more benefits for holding.

Key Features

  • Gaming
  • NFTs
  • DeFi (Staking)

Project Components

Game Mechanics:

Alchemy Toys brings the classic Alchemic game into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and promotes the player-centric nature of a true player-driven gaming system. In Alchemy Toys, the house does not eventually win it all; players do. The tokens’ economics and game dynamics are built and implemented with players in mind.

Alchemy Toys Gaming

The gaming concept is simple and straightforward. Take turns to burn/fuse your NFTs and mint an even higher level NFTs. The collection of all token types gives the key to the treasure. In Alchemy Toys once a game(epoch) is completed, losers have the advantage;

  • A new round (epoch) gives an advantage to the players who didn’t win the earlier game; they can use their unused cards in the new epoch.

The NFT is of 127 different cards with increasing serial numbers (lower serial number signifying the age of the card is more valuable) and there are 7 different levels, each level comes increased difficulty and more scarcity;

  • Level 1: 64 different toy types
  • Level 2: 32 different toy types
  • Level 3: 16 different toy types
  • Level 4: 8 different toy types
  • Level 5: 4 different toy types
  • Level 6: 2 different toy types
  • Level 7: 1 single toy type

There are a limited amount of moves a player can make during a cycle, typically five moves at most. This can result in a cycle that can last for 8 hours, depending on the gameplay. An epoch could as well last up to a whole day.

There are four different actions that the player can do with a turn:

  1. Worship: Gives the user randomly three unique TOYs (NFT minting) 
  2. Melt: Destroys 2 TOYs to provide the user 1-2 unique TOYs of a higher value 
  3. Sacrifice: Burn a TOY to get closer to winning the game treasury 
  4. Proclamation: A small service to proclaim a winner, rewarded with 1% of the treasury (can only be done once in an epoch by the quickest player).

When one or several players win a round, a new game is started. Once you collect all of the NFT cards, a big chunk of the network base currency, i.e., BNB, is paid to you. Fees generated from players’ actions, e.g., Melt and Sacrifice, are added to the game treasury, which 20% of these fees distributed to GAT stackers.

Temple Treasury

The temple treasury economics is tiered this way:

  • 64% of the treasury goes to the enlightened winners.
  • 20% of the treasury is paid to the shamans; they are the stackers of the mystic GAT token.
  • 1% of the treasury to the prophet who gets paid for his service of running the proclamation ritual.
  • 15% remain in the treasury for the next epoch.

Learn more about the different actions a player can take on the Alchemy Toy page.


Apart from minting its own unique 127 NFTs, Alchemy Toys has its own NFT marketplace, which will go live in June of this year.

NFT Marketplace - Minted Vodka

The marketplace named Minted Vodka will go live in June and be the hub on which NFTs can be traded, not only Alchemy Toys but also NFTs of ERC721 standards. The trading comes with a 2% commission fee which flows back into the game treasury.


Game Ace Tokens (GAT) holders can take part in the yield farming mechanics by staking their tokens. Here, the payouts are done directly in BNB coin, which takes away selling pressure from the tokens.

Alchemy Toys ecosystem

A stacker can choose to lock his GATs in one of the projects to participate in yield farming. 

In Alchemy Toys, users must stake their GAT for at least one full game epoch (one day or less depending on how long the gameplay takes) before becoming eligible for rewards. The game rewards the staked GAT-owners proportionally to the stack's size. 20% of the epoch's treasury goes to GAT-stakers (called "shamans" in the game). This approach hinders pump and dump dynamics and gives the system a more stable dynamic.

Testing currently ongoing

The Game has just launched on the mainnet after a month of successful testing on the testnet! In recent news, Alchemy Toy smart contract has successfully passed the SolidityFinance test.


The system comes with a dual token structure;

  • ERC20-token (GAT)
  • ERC721-tokens (TOYs)

TOY token is the NFT token that is limited in nature and can be gotten through the NFT marketplace or the game.

The GAT Tokenomics

  • Premined by the developers
  • A total supply of 1 million will be distributed to the players in its entirety.
  • Deflationary in nature, steadily reducing the supply and increasing its value.
  • Used to participate in the yield farm and other related dapps
  • Payout of Stackers are in BNB rather than in  GAT tokens
The utility of the GAT token

GAT Token Distribution 

  • 5% direct purchase by the founders.
  • 10% purchased and reserved/locked by the founders until the end of 2021 (legally locked, a smart contract is evaluated).
  • 10% reserved for soft-launch as a private sale with a highly reduced progressive pricing model.
  • 5% Marketing / Airdrops.
  • 50% reserved for the main sale on Alchemy Toys exchange.
  • 20% reserved for a later sale (on an exchange, liquidity pool, OTC, or others).


Project Roadmap

The project development is fast-tracked by the development team, more than 50% of the plan have been achieved; the following plans still to come;

May 2021

  • Polish details for the Launch

May 2021

  • Main Sale GATs

Approx. 13. May 2021

  • Live launch of the Game

June 2021

  • Live launch of the Marketplace.

June 2021

  • Continuous Development + Further Games

The live launch of the Alchemy NFT marketplace has been shifted to June due to the fast-approaching launch of the gaming platform. The rest of the roadmap plan tilts towards the continued development of the platform. Main sales are scheduled for this month.

In Conclusion

Alchemy Toy will bring together NFT, Gaming and DeFi fused into one concept. It will be different from the usual NFT, DeFi hype backed by a truly valued gaming ecosystem structured to increase in value over time.

Alchemy Toy

The payout mechanism in BNB instead of its native tokens will reduce selling pressure. Even if a bear approaches due to unexpected selling actions from holders, there are advantages for holders who still hold despite that.

Users who wish to learn more about Alchemy Toy should check out the following resources and media pages:





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