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A Year in Review: Top BSC News Events

Take a trip down memory lane with some of the top events hosted by the BSC News team.

Top Four Events from BSC News

In our first full year providing news, commentary, and a social platform for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) enthusiasts, BSC News became a hotspot for various events. The events started small with Ask Me Anythings (AMAs) but gradually expanded to include multiple protocols and even themed productions. 

Once BSC News recognized the platform and voice we held, we sought to provide educational, entertaining, and valuable events. We sought out top protocols and themes which could help users grow and learn. 

Here we will look at some of the top social events that BSC News hosted in 2021. We hope you enjoy reminiscing on these events as much as we do. 

The First AMAchella with Wault Finance

The summer of NFTs had an important impact. The BSC News team took on their first group AMA with DeFi Summer in full swing on July 23rd. What was dubbed AMAchella has come to be a series of events which has consistently drawn hundreds of users to the live events.

The first AMAchella may still hold the title for the most controversial live event so far from BSC News. Wault Finance, ApeSwap, HyperJump, Jet Fuel Finance, OpenOceanGlobal, Launch Zone, and BakerySwap all joined for an exciting event. With seven projects in attendance, the event was shaping into something big. 


The first few introductions went by without a hitch, but the AMAchella went haywire when Wault Finance took the helm. The acting representative from the Wault Finance marketing team came on the Telegram with a letter from members of the Wault team professing major internal differences that many believed were not necessary to be aired in the AMA. 

The tension in the commentary led Obie Dobo, co-founder of ApeSwap, to comment: “AMAchella getting spicy wow.” 

The fate of the AMAchella was not as doomed as Wault Finance. Wault Finance never really seemed to recover following the event. The protocol tried a few efforts to kickstart and bring in more liquidity but went forward with a complete rebrand in quarter 4 to Thorus. 

Livestream with Cryptoblades Sees Over 5.5k Viewers

There’s no question that PlayToEarn GameFi blew up over the summer, and no other game sums up that ignition on Binance Smart Chain more than CryptoBlades. In one of the first livestream events for the BSC News YouTube—now DeFi Direct—Greg, Goon Trades, hosted Philip Divine, the CEO of Cryptoblades, on July 28th. 

The price for CryptoBlades $SKILL token maintained a price well over $100 when the livestream occurred. The coin hit an all-time high of over $800 on Jul 23rd. The game’s popularity was at its peak, and the livestream brought over 5,500 live viewers.


CryptoBlades was indeed in a league of its own on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with Divine acknowledging that at one point CryptoBlades held over 50% of the transaction volume on BSC. BSC News certainly grabbed CryptoBlades at its peak. 

The demos and insight provided by Divine were helpful but short-lived for users. The PlayToEarn game crashed down to earth after facing huge congestion issues. Within a week of the livestream, the price was below $50 and has been on a steady decline since.

The BSC News Security Summit

With security and exploits as a primary focus for everyone across the Binance Smart Chain network, BSC News hosted a comprehensive Security Summit in August 2021. The near three-hour event played host to seven protocols Binance Smart Chain, SafePal Wallet, ImmuneFi, Featured by Binance, Hacken, PancakeBunny, and ONTO Wallet. 


A significant highlight of the event was the insight provided by the security protocols: ImmuneFi and Hacken. One startling insight from the event was the increasingly pervasive problems caused by front-running bots. Dyma Budorin, CEO and Co-Founder of Hacken, enlightened BSC News users and viewers on how deep this problem runs. 

The Security Summit was an event that provided a plethora of evergreen content for users to indulge and study up. The goal of the summit was to promote security awareness on Binance Smart Chain and better educate both users and developers. 

The BSC News Birthday Bash

The second half of the year presented the crew at BSC News with the opportunity to celebrate its anniversary with an hour-long livestream on YouTube. Without much pomp and circumstance, we saw it fit to host an event that reversed the roles. 

All three BSC News founders appeared to reminisce about the year in review and all the fun our team has had since we began. With a lineup of friends tossing out the questions, some great banter and stories emerged to show the main theme of the event focused on BSC News and the team’s origins.


The guests gracious enough to join the event were Simran Alphonso, PR & Communications from BSC Community; Tyler Zhou,  Head of Growth & Partnerships at SafePal; Tommy Su, Director of Operations at NFTb. The questions jumped from broad themes about the future of cross-chain growth to the accessibility of cryptocurrencies to the battle between CeFi and DeFi. 

As BSC News turned a year old, it was an opportune time to reflect and assess the team's progress. From a small group of just a handful of employees in late 2020 to a team of over 30 that speaks nearly 20 languages in 2022, BSC News is proud to have come so far and is excited about what is to come.

Looking Ahead to 2022

The BSC News team hopes that this year of events is just the beginning. Hopefully, we can look back on these events and laugh in a few years while reminiscing on the origins and first year in a successful blockchain and crypto reporting run. 

Be sure to pay attention to all the social media for all the upcoming events in 2022. We’re ready to make this next year one to remember. We hope you do too! 

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