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A Friend.Tech Competitor: What is Post.Tech? and symbolize the dynamic evolution of blockchain technology, enabling new possibilities in decentralized social interaction and financial empowerment.

Social Finance (SocialFi) platforms, a revolutionary intersection of finance and social interaction, have become one of the focal points of the blockchain industry. 

One notable platform is, developed on the Base network. However, emerges as an interesting competitor, offering comparable features but built on the Arbitrum network.

Overview of Friend.Tech

As BSCNews reported, is more than just another social app. It is recognized as the first-ever viral social Decentralized Application (dApp) on the Base network, which merges the domains of finance and social engagement seamlessly. 

Developed by experts in onchain social techniques, it provides a decentralized environment for users to interact with their communities, free from centralized control, yet maintaining security through MPC key tech. It enables users to:

- Connect with acquaintances.

- Share and discover content within their community.

- Manage and join exclusive chat rooms.

Introducing Post.Tech, like its counterpart, allows users to sell posts, buy profiles, and earn $ETH, all while built on the Arbitrum blockchain. The platform introduces innovative features, including profile and posts trading, allowing users to earn from trades and engage in exclusive crypto chats where discussions are focused and knowledgeable.

Users can earn on by creating content, completing tasks, trading shares, and consistently engaging with the community. This allows users not only to accumulate points but also to earn rewards. The points earned are tickets to token airdrops, and active users receive more rewards.

The protocol is becoming increasingly popular in the Web3 space. According to Whale_hunter’s data on Dune Analytics, the platform’s usage peaked at over 20K in less than a month. user activity | Source: Dune Analytics

Further, trading activity on the platform has crossed the $4 million mark. trading activity | Source: Dune Analytics

How to Join and Earn

Early registrants on enjoyed the benefits of its first airdrop, valued at $100K. Rewards were distributed based on the points users earned from completing various tasks. According to the protocol, more airdrops are anticipated. 

To join and earn rewards on, users can:

1. Create an account on the website.

2. Sign in using their X (Twitter) account.

3. Enter an invite code from an existing user.

4. Provide wallet details when prompted, with no need to deposit ETH, contrasting

5. Check the airdrop section to view the available tasks.

Earning more points allegedly increases the chances of profiting from the airdrop.

Final Thoughts and are fascinating platforms in the SocialFi domain, albeit built on different networks. They offer a decentralized, secure environment for users to connect, share content, manage exclusive chats, and earn rewards.

Ultimately, and symbolize the dynamic evolution of blockchain technology, enabling new possibilities in decentralized social interaction and financial empowerment. The choice between them depends on individual user preference, but both promise a future where socialization and finance coexist and flourish in a decentralized landscape.

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