A Closer Look At B2Prime’s New Major Update

The upgrade solidifies B2Prime's commitment to regulatory compliance and expands its liquidity offerings while enhancing user experience.

As one of the industry leaders in the liquidity-providing field, B2Prime has showcased an excellent track record of iterating and improving on its strong foundation. B2Prime's latest upgrade plans to tackle compliance, broader liquidity options and a cleaner user experience. Let's explore further.

Expanded Regulatory Jurisdiction

B2Prime has always ensured maximum compliance with relevant regulatory requirements. With two new jurisdictions under its operating field, B2Prime will now provide liquidity services on a much larger scale without compromising its flawless regulatory compliance. 

B2Prime Cyprus (CySec)

B2Prime Cyprus branch provides a comprehensive liquidity package for corporate and institutional clients residing in Europe. The Cyprus office also offers CFD pairs, including NDFs, natural gas and other popular CFD mechanisms. Moreover, the Cyprus branch can accommodate companies outside of Europe, including Malaysia, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Vietnam and many more. You can explore the list of available countries here.

B2Prime Mauritius (FSC Mauritius)

The Mauritius branch of B2Prime is specifically designed to offer liquidity services outside the EU. The Mauritius office features liquidity options on high-level platforms like OneZero, Prime XM, and others. Clients can operate their accounts with fiat (EUR/USD) or digital currencies (major coins and stablecoins) of their choice. The platform also receives virtual currency as an initial settlement deposit. 

Brokers can obtain various CFD instruments, including the coveted NDF CFDs. The Mauritius branch is an outstanding choice for brokers who wish to acquire a transparent and thoroughly compliant liquidity partner outside the European region. Both Mauritius and Cyprus branches can be examined and selected on the B2Prime website.

Diversified Liquidity Options

B2Prime has one of the broadest selections of CFDs on the market, with 93 unique crypto CFD pairs accessible round-the-clock. Customers may obtain liquidity from OneZero, PXM, and other advanced crypto platforms thanks to the FIX API protocol. Additionally, B2Prime gives brokers more trading flexibility by providing a 10% margin for all significant pairings on the platform.

The full range of liquidity asset choices offered by B2Prime is listed below: 

For the broker clients, B2Prime's NDF CFD product is a remarkable addition to B2Prime's liquidity options roster, making the platform one of the most extensive liquidity providers in the European region. 

Additionally, B2Prime has reduced margin requirements for ten more crypto CFDs, enabling brokers to take desired trading positions without having to put up a lot of cash to support them. Finally, the B2Prime platform's automatic aggregation strategy offers the best spreads and commission rates worldwide. 

New Distribution Strategy

With the most recent version, B2Prime teamed with OneZero and Prime XM platforms to fuel their ecosystem with cutting-edge distribution and communication capabilities. B2Prime's liquidity services can now be sent to any FIX API-compatible system. 

B2Prime also offers solutions to brokers using MetaTrader, allowing them to link with MT5 and MT4 versions of the platform. Both alternatives are reachable via a OneZero/PXM or hub-to-hub communication technique.

With the addition of well-known platforms like Ctrader, Centroid HUB, T4B Trading engine, YourBurse Hub, and FxQubic, B2Prime's partner pool has also been expanded. With all the improvements and modifications mentioned above, the platform now supports a super-quick onboarding process that gives customers access to tradable pairs and whitelisting options for IPs through a single margin account. 

Fair Margin Requirements 

To maximize the degree of trading flexibility, B2Prime has always provided competitive margin requirements to its customers. With the most recent release, B2Prime keeps up this client-centric trend. 

Here's a summary of B2Prime's margin requirements: 

  • Prime Margin Account setup: Free of charge.
  • The monthly minimum liquidity fee is $1,000 (includes one FIX API connector or Hub to Hub connector).
  • Optional MT Gateway/Bridge monthly fee: $1,000.
  • Minimum account deposit: $10,000, which can be used for trading.

A USD/EUR monthly fee will be deducted from the prices as mentioned above based on the volume traded. 

Send a request here if you'd like additional information about B2Prime's commission system.

A Streamlined User Experience 

In addition to the platform's updated features and enhancements, B2Prime has revamped its website to elevate user experience further. Here are the most notable modifications: 

  • Visual Air Reduction - No more eye-cluttering tabs, tables, or other visual distractions. 
  • Compact Blocks - Website blocks now succinctly show only the most important information for the users. 
  • Location-Based Redirection - The website delivers a customized experience by rerouting users to their respective regional website versions. 
  • Header & Footer Revamp - Website links and other navigation options are presented succinctly in the polished header and footer areas. 

Customers will be able to navigate and engage with B2Prime easily and effectively thanks to this quality-of-life update. 

A Definitive Upgrade for B2Prime

The most recent upgrade to B2Prime strengthened its regulation compliance and added 93 crypto CFD methods available on-demand, along with a fiercely competitive 10% leverage margin for top cryptocurrencies. To make navigating easier, B2Prime also improved the UX of their website. 

Wish to learn more? The B2Prime team will be at the IFX Cyprus Expo to discuss the entire scope of their most recent updates and enhancements. 

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