7 Best Formula 1 Betting Sites 2024 TESTED For You

by BSC News

April 2, 2024


Discover the 7 best sites for F1 bets! I've already tested their services and promos so that you can supercharge your sports betting experience in 2024!

Formula 1 fans, gather around! Japan Grand Prix soon!! And more!!! 

I've compiled a guide to help you find the ABSOLUTE BEST Formula 1 betting sites to bet on F1 races in 2024. The highly anticipated Japan Grand Prix is just around the corner (April 7, 2024), and the thrill of the race is palpable.

Finding where to place your bets safely and get the most out of your experience is today's top task for F1 gambling enjoyers. I've sorted the options to bring you only the most reliable and rewarding gambling sites. Now, how did I pick these gems? Simple. I've been around the F1 betting block for quite some time, and I've handpicked only the most reliable, rewarding, and downright awesome platforms out there (they have some hot Japan GP betting promotions available, too). A-a-and here are the 7 best F1 betting sites!

BTW all of them accept cryptos. 

  1. Cloudbet — The #1 Best For Formula 1 Betting Online | Cloudbet is at the very top for many reasons. I've been using it for 6 years, so I've seen its changes, and they only improve the whole thing. First, this bro offers real competitive odds and low payout margins. Second, the welcome bonus is the best in the industry. Plus, there are other sports-centered promotions. I'll OFC tell you more later, just if I continue, 90% of the article will be me saying why Cloudbet is my fav. 
  2. Stake — Top F1 Site For Live Betting On Japan Grand Prix & Beyond 
  3. N1Bet — Top Mobile Sportsbook To Bet On F1 In 2024
  4. — The Best F1 Betting Site With Free Bets
  5. — The Best Of All Secure Japan Grand Prix Bookmakers For Anonymity
  6. Bitsler — A High-Quality Gambling Site With LIMIT-FREE Withdrawals 
  7. — Fast Crypto Withdrawals, Always 

The Best Formula 1 Betting Sites: More Details 

Where are the best odds for Japan GP? What sites offer the most rewarding Japan GP betting promotions? Which are the most secure Japan Grand Prix bookmakers?..

I have 7 answers for you, covering these and more questions. The first three of these answers are the best F1 betting sites I always use, plus I've been using them for years (Cloudbet 6, Stake 3, and N1 2). The other four options are GREAT, too, and I've tested them, but mostly because of recommendations and advice. In any case, all of my picks are licensed, easy to use, and pay timely. Let's start... immediately!!! 

#1 Cloudbet — The #1 Best For Formula 1 Betting Online

  • License: Curacao.
  • Fiat Money Accepted: The availability of fiat deposits depends on your jurisdiction.
  • Cryptos Accepted: USDT, BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, ETH, SOL, ADA, etc. Over 30 crypto options are available.
  • Most Popular In: Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia & Oceania.
  • Proxy & VPN-Friendly: Yes. 

Gambling Services Overview 

Cloudbet has a sleek website where everything is findable in 2 clicks/taps. Its mobile and desktop versions are great, but the site recently got a makeover, and the new design is better for mobiles (IMO). 

Registration has always been simple. Cloudbet needs the minimum information from you for account maintenance, and the KYC isn't that bad. Plus, this best F1 betting site is secure and adds blockchain security solutions to the standard things like HTTPS and SSL to protect your information from digital threats. 

Withdrawals are normally fast. Well, I also use Solana now, one of the fastest cryptos in my experience, so I get my money within 15 minutes. The longest I've waited is 19 (!!!) hours, and that was when my BTC got stuck years ago.

BTW, regarding support, the managers do their job well, and any helper stays with you until the problem is resolved. They update you consistently if the challenge is bad, but all issues usually get their solution within one business day. 10/10 from me! 

Also, given that the site is international and popular worldwide, it has many languages

And also in your free time from betting, you can check best online slots here, because Cloudbet has a large collection of games from different providers.

Odds & Markets 

First off, Cloudbet boasts an expansive range of sports, leagues, and events, making it a one-stop destination for all your betting needs. Naturally, this includes ample opportunities for Japan Grand Prix betting!

However, what sets Cloudbet apart is its competitive odds and low margins. While most sites hover around the 10% margin mark, Cloudbet keeps it tight at a mere 2%, maximizing your potential returns. Plus, Cloudbet randomly selects 1,000 fortunate bettors to qualify for a zero-margin offer, effectively eliminating commission fees and boosting your winning!!

Now, let's talk live betting on the Japan Grand Prix in 2024. As the race unfolds and the adrenaline kicks into high gear, Cloudbet's live odds can skyrocket, giving us the opportunity for some truly stellar returns. That literally normally happens with any event: what may seem like ordinary odds at the start of the match/race can transform into 10/10 opportunities. 

OFC, Cloudbet allows players to customize their odds format to American, fractional, decimal, Hong Kong, or Malaysian, catering to individual preferences and enhancing the overall gambling experience. IMO, with Cloudbet, you're not just betting; you're elevating your Formula 1 gambling game to new heights.


Bettors who have just discovered Cloudbet for Formula 1 betting online can register and use the HUGE 5 BTC WELCOME BANKROLL BOOST (wising it was me rn). 

Other promos include zero-margin sports bets for the randomly selected players, but there is also the Marketplace…

… that lets you get free bets and customize the perks to your liking. They are $0 since you only spend Lightning Points (loyalty points), so these are basically free bets

Given that most other gambling platforms usually give players something like 50% welcome bonuses up to $100 :/ Cloudbet is a generous one here. Can its promo structure be improved? Actually, yes. But is it decent and sufficient for Japan Grand Prix gambling in 2024? Also yes. 

Community Reviews 

AskGamblers community members give Cloudbet 8.3/10, while ORDB reviewers crown it with 4.8/5 stars. I must clarify that such high ratings are because of the casino gambling games offered, while few comments are public regarding the crypto bookmaker part. Still, many of these reviews mention similar things: fast withdrawals, an easy-to-navigate site, and high-quality support. I can only second these opinions! 


#2 Stake — Top F1 Site For Live Betting On Japan Grand Prix & Beyond 

  • License: Curacao. 
  • Fiat Money Accepted: Fiat currencies must be exchanged into crypto (Visa, Mastercard, Google, and Samsung Pays). 
  • Cryptos Accepted: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, TRX, XRP, etc. 
  • Most Popular In: Europe. 
  • Proxy & VPN-Friendly: Yes. 

Gambling Services Overview 

This motor racing bookie is my other favorite. It offers pretty much the same positives as Cloudbet. So, it is 100% mobile-friendly, easy to use, works without interruptions, and offers comprehensive support. TBH, I've never encountered any major issues with it. 

I must say that Stake is among the best Formula 1 betting sites for anonymous gambling. It gives you instant access to all entertainment after undemanding registration; verification is optional. Nevertheless, be ready for KYC if the site notices suspicious activity. 

Another positive is that Stake lets gambling enthusiasts get cryptos right on the site. Even for those unfamiliar with DeFi, getting BTC, DOGE, etc., won't be a problem because the built-in exchange is simplified to the maximum and works fast. 

Stake is also the fastest site for DOGE withdrawals out of the 100+ I've tested in general. Dogecoin is quite slow, but Stake's instant withdrawal request processing mechanism ensures that the money is sent to you as soon as possible. 

Odds & Markets 

With a user-friendly interface, live betting on Stake is a breeze, offering easy access to many in-play events at any given moment. Dive deeper into specific events to explore additional bets and gain valuable insights from fellow bettors' picks: an invaluable feature setting Stake apart. 

Plus, with an impressive array of markets at your fingertips, the betting possibilities are virtually endless. And here's the kicker: Stake offers early cash outs on selected events and markets, both pre- and live, further enhancing the dynamic gambling experience, especially for the upcoming Live betting Japan Grand Prix.


There are numerous Stake promotions, most of which are competitive, like tournaments or VIP events. While that is entertaining and great for community-building, honestly, this site has no good betting bonuses for Formula 1 right now :( 

Community Reviews 

Stake has super high ratings on many review platforms. Unfortunately, AskGamblers only has a page for its casino part, while ORDB reviews Stake casino & sportsbook as a combo, so there are not many professional reviews for the sportsbook specifically. Stake is not only one of the best crypto casinos in Spain, but also a great betting site. Welp, there are some Reddit comments on it still: 

I personally give Stake a 9/10, minus one point, for the poor bonus market. 


#3 N1Bet — Top Mobile Sportsbook To Bet On F1 In 2024

  • License: Curacao.
  • Fiat Money Accepted: USD, EUR, JPY, KRW, etc., using cards, Skrill, Neteller, and Bank Transfer. 
  • Cryptos Accepted: BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, and USDT. 
  • Most Popular In: Europe, Canada, Australia & Oceania. 
  • Proxy & VPN-Friendly: Yes. 

Gambling Services Overview 

N1Bet emerges as the go-to Formula 1 betting online destination, offering top-notch services tailored for gambling enthusiasts globally. 

N1 allows you to deposit, play, and withdraw in Bitcoin without any interruptions, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions. Notably, N1 breaks the mold by enabling bettors to have multiple cryptos within one account, a real rarity in the online gambling space. 

Moreover, N1 boasts a well-balanced selection of payment methods. Unlike many sites that exclusively deal in cryptocurrencies, N1 accepts both fiat and cryptos. What's more, N1 imposes no payment fees!

For those always on the go, N1Bet shines as the ultimate destination for mobile betting. With instant access to the sportsbook after registration, you can dive into the world of Formula 1 anytime and anywhere. IMO? Unparalleled online sportsbook experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

BTW, if you want F1 betting apps, N1 is the only one having a native app so far. 

Odds & Markets 

Regarding motor racing betting odds, N1Bet is similar to Stake and Cloudbet in many things. It also lets bettors choose preferred formats, enhances odds when the action gives more food for thought for predictions, and has overall decent rewards for favorites and underdogs. 


N1Bet stands out with its enticing array of bonuses, making it a top choice for those looking to bet on F1. Well, its promos are the most diverse so far, too. 

The welcome bankroll booster offers a 50% extra on your first deposit, up to $300, giving your real-money gambling journey a solid kickstart. Additionally, sports bettors can revel in a weekly cashback of 15%, up to $100, ensuring a safety net for your bets. 

Plus, with free bets triggered upon registration, N1Bet provides its users with added value from the get-go. Yet… While other promos cater to various sports, F1 enthusiasts may find themselves missing tailored offers. So, the situation is not ideal, but it's also not that bad. 

Community Reviews 

Most gambling enthusiasts praise the casino, but few sportsbook reviews exist. Well, there are unified thoughts: N1 pays without delays and offers 10/10 customer service, which helps a lot. I'll just second these opinions (again). 


#4 — The Best F1 Betting Site With Free Bets is a new sportsbook! It's 100% mobile-friendly, requires no downloads, and gives registered players instant access to sports betting. As for accepted money for Japan Grand Prix gambling and other activities, the site accepts cryptos only: popular options like Ethereum and Bitcoin, as well as ADA, TRX, XRP, USDT, and other coins (10 total). And yeah, you can also buy cryptos directly on the site for fiat money. 

Bonuses make this website one of the best Formula 1 betting sites. Its cashback is literally 10/10 because you can claim up to 20% DAILY (depending on gamblers' deposits, but you never get less than 5%). 

There's also weekly cashback, which gives you a %%% of losses back based on your loyalty level. In addition to betting, has a great collection of table games, including the best online poker.

Regarding sports-centered bonuses that work for F1 betting, the options are…

  • ComboBoosts: Gamblers can bundle up 2 to 63 events, each with odds of at least 1.3. Please note that the total odds of all your picks need to add up to 2.6 or more. So, the more events you add, the bigger the potential payout! For two events, you only get 1%, but the deal gets more epic when you stack over ten. Huge combo bets, like those containing 25, get more than 75% boost. The maximum is 150% (63 combination bets). 
  • OnlyWin: That deposit bonus adds extra money to your bankroll at the bookie's expense. Basically, that's a 15 USDT free bet, and you can use it on combo bets as well. Note that you have 7 days to use it, and you can only stake the full bonus amount. 
  • AllWin: A very similar bonus that credits you 50 USDT. Yet again, it must be used as a single bet within 7 days. 


#5 Wild.Io — The Best Of All Secure Japan Grand Prix Bookmakers For Anonymity

OH, I LOVE WILD.IO, and I am considering using it after finishing the review. It's an international site with one of the best mobile designs out there, plus it's the best F1 betting site if you place outright bets more.

Of all the best Formula 1 betting sites, has a developing sports section. The odds are impressive for the most popular sports, but the Formula 1 Japan Grand Prix doesn't seem to be a priority here. Nevertheless, is worth trying because of its anonymous services: registration takes seconds, and you can stay incognito when betting and withdrawing in crypto. BTW, regarding crypto payment methods, accepts BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, and some other cryptos. 

Bro also has stunning betting promotions: 

  • 100% Sports Welcome Bonus (up to $200 free bet) 
  • Event Of The Day: Bet $100 on selected events (the only requirement is that the odds must be 2.00 in decimal), and get a $20 free bet
  • Free Bet Drops: Follow on social media and participate in giveaways. 
  • ComboBoosts: Up to 50% for all sports.


#6 Bitsler — A High-Quality Gambling Site With LIMIT-FREE Withdrawals 

Bitsler stands out as a premier destination for motor racing gambling enthusiasts, offering a seamless and secure platform with an array of enticing features. With over 20 cryptocurrencies accepted…

... and support for multiple languages, Bitsler caters to a global audience, like most other betting sites on my list. In addition, Bitsler is committed to providing a hassle-free crypto gambling experience, which is evident in its lack of withdrawal limits. Yeah, unlike many other platforms (even popular ones), Bitsler GOT NO MAXIMUM WITHDRAWAL AMOUNT. Just for that, it deserves to be among the best bookies for Formula 1 betting, but there are more positives to highlight. 

Its native app enhances accessibility, enabling users to bet on the go with ease. Instant support responses in the live chat further enhance the user experience, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed. Plus, with SSL-level encryption in place, Bitsler prioritizes the security of user data. 

When it comes to motor racing odds, Bitsler delivers rewarding options. So, whether you're gearing up for the Japan Grand Prix or other thrilling races, Bitsler is a secure and reliable online sportsbook for all your needs.

Its betting promotions are not that beneficial for Formula 1 gambling enthusiasts, though. Most perks are for its casino, and there is also a boost for Football odds, but nothing decent for F1 betting :( Still, I give it 8.5/10! 


#7 — Fast Crypto Withdrawals, Always emerges as another standout choice for Formula 1 betting online, offering lightning-fast withdrawals. With withdrawal requests processed instantly, you can swiftly access the winnings without delay. 

RocketPot's instant play feature ensures seamless accessibility, allowing users to dive into the action immediately after a quick registration process. Moreover, RocketPot provides opportunities for anonymity, although you may encounter KYC requirements upon your first withdrawals!

Plus-s-s, RocketPot's mobile-friendly interface enhances the experience, enabling users to wager on the go with ease. Similar to Cloudbet, RocketPot's odds experience a noticeable spike closer to the heat of the action, presenting more rewarding opportunities as the excitement ramps up. For F1 betting live experiences that are both convenient and thrilling, gets 8/10 from me! Minus points for bonuses because, again, there are no decent betting promotions for Formula 1 fans. 


How I Selected The Top Formula 1 Betting Sites For You 

How do I know a gambling website can be the best F1 betting site? Welp, my experience lets me identify good and up-to-par betting hubs, sieving out potential scammers or unfair gambling sites in parallel. Here is how I do it, but in more detail! 

> License Check 

A license is more than a document stating that a gambling site operates legally. That's also the #1 guarantee that you will be protected as a customer in case a problem happens and the site refuses to solve it for you. In essence, licenses ensure that a third party, an authority, will interfere if a business is unjust towards you. 

As a rule, all licenses are at the bottom of these sites. For instance, here are Stake's. 

The presence of that license isn't everything, yet again! It's essential to check the authenticity, which is easily doable: you must look at links to the documents and compare them to licensees' standards. 

If everything's correct, no spelling mistakes are present, and the document is valid, then that's the first test passed by a gambling site! 

> Online Sportsbook Usability 

Another important factor is device compatibility & mobile-friendliness. Betting on F1 can be quite chaotic, especially if it's live betting on the Japan Grand Prix and other events. So, the system must be convenient for gambling enthusiasts, and betting must be easily doable with a couple of clicks/taps. 

Also, I always rule out sites with pushy ads/promos and even minor technical issues. Believe you me, if the site can't place categories properly and leaves white text on white backgrounds, the chances that it will not provide adequate services are quite high :/ 

> Security & Anonymity Matters

HTTPS + SLL + blockchain (optional) or goodbye. The site must use standard means of information protection. Plus, the privacy policy must clearly state how the site guarantees your safety regarding information, how it gathers your data, and how it uses it. 

The green flag sites only get your information on interactions with the site (for experience personalization) and basic facts (for account maintenance; those are literally an email, a password, and your wallet's address). Everything else? Not needed. OFC, only the most secure Japan Grand Prix bookmakers went into my list. 

> Odds 

When selecting the best bookies for Formula 1 betting, one of the paramount factors I scrutinize is the odds offered. Firstly, it's crucial that odds are displayed in various formats to accommodate different preferences, whether it's fractional, decimal, or American. This ensures convenience for all types of gamblers.

Moreover, the odds must strike a balance between being enticing and reasonable. While super rewarding odds might initially catch the eye, they can often indicate a scammer site attempting to lure unsuspecting bettors. Therefore, I prioritize sites that offer odds that are competitive yet within the realm of reason.

Additionally, transparency is key. When predictions change, whether due to race developments or other factors, the adjustments in odds should be clear and reasonable. Sites that provide clear insights into these changes earn my trust as they prioritize integrity and honesty in their betting offerings.

> Payment Methods & Withdrawals 

When evaluating Grand Prix betting sites, I prioritize this aspect with utmost scrutiny, too. Firstly, payment methods must be 10000000% secure and reliable. Popular options like Visa and Mastercard provide the necessary security and convenience that bettors demand.

Additionally, I favor bookmakers that offer a comprehensive range of payment methods, especially if there are fiats & cryptos alike. The strongest example is N1Bet, which accepts both traditional payments and several crypto options. I also consider F1 betting sites green flags if they let members buy cryptos right on the site (really convenient + no exchange shenanigans). 

Clear and transparent information about fees and expected processing times is also essential. Bettors should know exactly what to expect when making deposits or withdrawals.

Ideally, the best betting sites feature automated systems that process withdrawal requests instantly. While the longest acceptable wait time for a fiat withdrawal is 5 business days, and for cryptos, it's 2 business days, top-tier sites typically process withdrawals much faster. For example, with coins like Solana, my beloved (I'm not promoting it, though, so don't take this seriously; I'm no DeFi advisor or anything), withdrawals can take 10-20 mins. 

The sites I've selected excel in this regard, consistently delivering timely payments within reasonable time frames. Whether it's within hours for fiat withdrawals or minutes for certain cryptocurrencies, these platforms prioritize the prompt delivery of winnings to their users.

> Support 

When testing any gambling sites and F1 betting apps in particular, I always take at least 3 weeks to test the support. At first, I just go to FAQs and Help Centers to check general and F1 betting info, but then I play stoopid to see how the managers react. So, my tests always start with me asking the simplest questions, just to see if support specialists react to me timely. As the test goes on, I start bombarding them with more specific questions, and I want to see that…

  • The managers reply within 2 minutes in live chats and 1 hour if I use email 
  • Helpers stay with me and update me if a problem takes more time to resolve 
  • The support refers to my past experiences if new issues resemble something that has already happened 
  • The site tries to mitigate the negatives and boost my mood with extra perks
  • The gambling website lets me rate the help. 

Japan Grand Prix Soon! Here's What To Know 

The Japan Grand Prix 2024 is right around the corner, and the excitement is palpable! 

On Sunday, April 7, the Suzuka International Racing Course will come alive with the thunderous roar of engines as drivers take on 53 laps of the 5.807-kilometer track.

The anticipation for this race, and indeed for all races on the Formula 1 calendar, is at a fever pitch within the sports betting community. With each twist and turn of the track, fortunes can change, and underdogs can rise to the occasion, making every race a spectacle to behold.

Are you ready for it? Let's speed up your preparation… with a betting guide! 

F1 Betting Info: Event Background 

This year marks the 34th visit of Formula 1 to Suzuka since its debut on the calendar back in 1987, and let me tell you, it's a track that drivers and fans love alike. 

After a two-year hiatus, the Japanese Grand Prix made a triumphant return in 2022, welcoming international fans back to Suzuka after what felt like an eternity. And in 2023, the excitement reached fever pitch as fans from around the world descended upon Suzuka for the first time in four years. But hold onto your seats because, in 2024, Suzuka is shaking things up by moving to an earlier slot on the calendar, igniting anticipation like never before.

With the race now set for early April, we're in for a thrilling spectacle unlike any other. While the cooler trackside temperatures may greet fans IRL, there's less chance of those infamous Suzuka downpours dampening spirits. So get ready to witness history unfold as Formula 1 roars back to life at the legendary Suzuka circuit.

Bet Types 

As a Formula 1 enthusiast diving into the betting world, understanding the different bet types is the golden key to maximizing your excitement and potential winnings. Let's break down the various ways you can wager on F1 races and seasons!

> Outright Betting

Outright betting is the bread and butter of F1 wagering, offering a straightforward way to pick the winner of a specific Grand Prix. Here's how it works: you'll be presented with a range of odds for each participating driver, and it's up to you to choose the one you believe will clinch victory on race day. Whether you're backing the reigning champion or placing your faith in an underdog, outright betting is an excellent starting point for newcomers to F1 betting.

Another popular form of outright betting is wagering on finishing positions. In this scenario, you're not necessarily predicting the race winner but rather the driver who will secure a podium place, typically finishing in the top three. It's a thrilling way to add an extra layer of excitement to the race as you cheer on your chosen driver to make it onto the podium.

> Long-Term F1 Bets

Long-term F1 bets offer a season-long thrill ride for gambling enthusiasts, allowing you to stake your claim on the most successful driver or team throughout an entire season. Similar to outright betting, you'll be placing your bets on which driver or team will accumulate the most points in general. 

Keep in mind that odds can fluctuate dramatically as the season progresses, so it's essential to stay tuned to the latest developments and performances on the track!

> Live Betting in Formula 1

As the action unfolds on the track, you can place bets in real-time, reacting to changing race conditions and driver performances. Pay close attention to the commentators' insights and any updates from the drivers' radios for more F1 info! 

For example, if you hear that a driver is planning to pit soon, it could be an opportune moment to adjust your bets accordingly. Alternatively, if you believe a driver is making a strategic error with their pit stop timing, you may seize the opportunity to bet on their rival, who is overtaking them on the track. Live betting rewards those who are attentive and quick to capitalize on shifting race dynamics, making it an exhilarating experience for F1 fans.

In my opinion, these are the most challenging bets, so I cannot recommend them to novices. Nevertheless, even small bets can bring you huge rewards in this hot wagering format! 

The Best Betting Bonuses For Formula 1 

Which betting bonuses can supercharge your experiences with the best F1 betting sites? In my practice, it's always worth to consider…

> Sports Welcome Bonuses 

The best Formula 1 betting sites like Cloudbet, N1Bet, and can offer bankroll boosts (normally ranging from 50% to 100% and more) up to a certain amount. As a rule, cryptocurrency betting sites give you more (since they save a lot of money with blockchain and can reward their members better). 

Sports welcome betting bonuses may sometimes be combinations of various perks. In cases with F1 betting apps, you can find offers like bankroll boost + cashback or free bets! 

> Sports Reload Bonuses 

Sometimes, gambling sites have weekly promotions that boost your bankroll upon regular deposits. Most often, the rewards greatly depend on your loyalty level and come with T&Cs that might make winnings un-withdrawable (they just stay in your account until you use them again). 

> Free Bets 

The top websites for Formula 1 betting online can let you place wagers on the house. Free bets are just gambling sites' money you can use to stake. Still, please note that many conditions apply to "free" stuff: most often, you cannot withdraw the winnings you get by betting bonus cash. 

> Cashback 

No debate: the best perk you get for Formula 1 betting online is returns on your losses. If you get exclusive offers like daily cashback that's over 10%, don't hesitate to claim (if there are no weird T&Cs). The best F1 betting site with a promo like this is 

> Loyalty Rewards 

After using your preferred gambling site for some time, you will climb the loyalty tiers sooner or later. As a rule, that unlocks extra perks or enhances the existing ones. For instance, the initial cashback offer, that is, let's say, 5%, can become 15% or more if you are an active member. Some loyalty programs let you get higher levels fast, too. 

There can also be unique loyalty systems, like Cloudbet's. The program gives you points for wagering on literally everything, and you can then use these points to "buy" free bets in the Marketplace. You can customize your rewards as well!  

> Random Rewards/Giveaways 

The best Formula 1 betting sites may also offer extra perks for energy-efficient activities, like subscribing to their social media or joining servers/forums. A bit of luck is definitely needed with promos like this, but you won't lose anything, even if you don't win a share! 

5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Japan Grand Prix Betting & Beyond 

Before we dive into the list, I want to make it clear that I'M NOT A FINANCIAL EXPERT, so ultimately, the choice is yours. However, based on my experience in crypto betting sites, here are five coins that have consistently served me well!

  1. Solana (SOL): Solana stands out for its lightning-fast transaction speeds and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for quick bets. While it has seen impressive growth, it's important to note its volatility and centralization risks, making it better suited for fast transactions rather than anonymity.
  2. Monero (XMR): Monero is the go-to option for those prioritizing privacy and security. Transactions with XMR are virtually untraceable, providing an added layer of anonymity for your gambling activities.
  3. Binance (BNB): BNB offers speed and ease of use, originally created as a utility token on the Ethereum network before transitioning to Binance's own blockchain. However, it's worth mentioning that BNB is 100% centralized and traceable.
  4. Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum is a trusted and efficient option, albeit slightly slower compared to some other coins. Nonetheless, it remains a reliable choice for crypto betting.
  5. Tether (USDT): As the leading stablecoin, USDT offers the benefits of cryptocurrencies while maintaining a stable value pegged to the US dollar. This makes it easily manageable for gambling purposes, with the added advantage of decentralization (well, it's not fully decentralized, but better than nothing).

You may be wondering why Bitcoin (BTC) isn't on this list (that's because I'm the #1 Bitcoin hater /j). While BTC is undoubtedly popular and widely accepted, its slow transaction speeds and potential for getting stuck can deter fast-paced betting activities. Additionally, recovering lost BTC can be challenging. Most often, if it gets stuck… well… bye IG :/ (I have trauma). It's not that bad in practice, but I prefer the alternatives. 

F1 Betting Bankroll Management Tips 

  • Set Your Bankroll Beforehand: Before placing any real-money bets, determine the amount of money you can safely wager and stick to it religiously. Your bankroll should remain constant regardless of the odds or potential winnings. Excessive spending can quickly deplete your funds and undermine your long-term betting strategy! And if bets negatively impact your daily life financially, PLEASE STOP GAMBLING IMMEDIATELY!!! 
  • Choose Faster Cryptos: When engaging in crypto betting, opt for cryptocurrencies with fast transaction speeds for depositing and withdrawing funds. That ensures that your money is readily available for immediate bets, allowing you to capitalize on beneficial opportunities without the risk of getting stuck in lengthy processing times.
  • Stay Rational: Emotions have no place in betting. Base your decisions on reason and analysis rather than impulses or gut feelings. Rationality is your best ally in making informed betting choices and maximizing your chances of success.
  • NEVER Drink/Smoke When Betting: Clear-headedness is paramount when betting. Avoid ANY substances that alter normal judgment, as even a slight lapse in reasoning can lead to costly mistakes. Keep your wits about you and approach each bet soberly to ensure sound decision-making and optimal outcomes. (Note: sometimes, medication can change your state of mind, too, so refrain from betting if you are in the middle of treatment!)

Final Words 

Happy motor racing betting, everyone!!! I hope the online sportsbook you choose treats you like a king/queen and brings you the maximum fun. Use betting bonuses wisely, stick to your plan, and reap the rewards... And may every online sportsbook for Japan GP give you even more than you expect!

While Formula 1 betting online is fun, let's please bet responsibly, yes? No entertainment should impact your life negatively. So, let's all (including me) keep it rational! That is the only way to enjoy sports, especially when it's an epic event like Formula 1. There will be plenty of emotions, so no need to heat that up with irrational stakes. 

Best of luck!


What Is The Best Online Gambling Site For Motor Racing Bets? 

The best online gambling site for motor racing events is Cloudbet. It is the top site for many betting markets, good promotions, loyalty rewards, and support. The mobile version is also great. Moreover, this gambling site is highly popular worldwide, and there are only some restrictions regarding countries, so it's easily accessible. The withdrawals are normally fast, especially if you use efficient cryptos. Other sportsbooks on my list are also great, but Cloudbet is the #1 best option. 

How Can I Access F1 Sportsbooks If They Are Restricted? 

You can do that with VPN or proxies, but that is NOT ADVISABLE. Restricted sites can perform poorly, and you can also be ineligible for bonuses and withdrawals, especially if KYC strikes. Plus, no licensee/authority will protect you if you violate the T&Cs and play from a restricted country. I highly recommend sticking to sportsbooks that are 100% legal in your region. 

What Are The Main Types Of F1 Bets? 

There are three main types of F1 bets: outright betting, long-term F1 bets (throughout the season), and live F1 bets.

What Types Of Odds Exist? 

In online betting, three primary types of odds are commonly used: decimal odds, fractional odds, and American odds. Decimal odds show the total payout for every unit wagered, fractional odds express potential profit relative to the stake, and American odds indicate either potential profit or the amount needed to stake to win $100. Other formats include Hong Kong, Malaysian, and Indonesian. 


This article is for entertainment purposes. Real-money gambling is an activity for audiences over 18 years old. The bettor is responsible for their bets. 

F1 betting sites may be unavailable in your region. Please check your local law before accessing any of the listed websites. If they are restricted, do not bypass the restrictions by using VPN or proxies. The consequences of illegal gambling can be dire in some countries/states. 

Gambling addiction, or ludomania, can take many forms. Please stick to the responsible gambling principles. If gambling entertainment impacts your daily life negatively, ask for help immediately: it's okay, and your struggle is valid. For more information, you can visit 

Stay safe! 

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