Episode 70: BiShares brings dETFs to Binance Smart Chain

Vlad with the BiShares team joins Ben on the Podcast to discuss their new dETF products. The products offer users the ability to gain broad market exposure through a single index-fund style token.

Episode 69: A Conversation With MPC

MPC is working on metaverse infrastructure based on block chain to help developers, game enthusiasts, and artists. Elon from the MPC team joined Ben on the Podcast to discuss the project in detail.

Episode 68: Mogul Productions and Decentralized Film Production

Mogul Production has brought film production to the blockchain! Gorav Seth, Co-Chair of Mogul Productions, joined Ben on the Podcast to talk about how his team wants to change an industry.

Episode 67: A Conversation With NFT Alley

NFT Alley is a multi chain marketplace for creating, selling ,and trading crypto-collectibles. Today, the NFT Alley team joined Ben on the podcast to share their story and where the project is headed.

Episode 66: A Conversation With Hot Cross

Hot Cross is a cross chain protocol focused on providing foundational defi services including NFT minting, bridging, and liquidity earnings. Phillip from the Hot Cross team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the team's goals and philosophy on the NFT movement.

Episode 65: A Conversation With BXH

BXH is a cross chain decentralized exchange covering Heco, Okex, and BSC seeking to provide users with capital efficiency and high yield on investment. Sarah from the BXH team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the future plans for the platform.

Episode 64: A Conversation With Step Hero

Step Hero is a blockchain based game bringing value to players through play to earn models and yield farming opportunities. Stephen and Lily from the Step Hero team joined Ben on the podcast to get into the details of their project.

Episode 63: A Conversation With Growth Defi

Growth Defi is an emerging Binance Smart Chain protocol with a yield optimizer, defi focused fund, and soon to come money market and stable coin. Safe with the Growth Defi team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the features and functionality that make Growth Defi truly unique.

Episode 62: A Conversation With RealFevr

RealFevr is working hard to bring video moments of your favorite football players to the NFT marketplace, with a gamified twist. Ben was joined by the CEO of Realfevr, Fred Antunes, to discuss their exciting product plans.

Episode 61: Fundi Finance

Fundi Finance wants to push the limits of what digital assets and decentralized finance are capable of, working to connect the on-chain world with traditional assets.

Episode 60: A Conversation with Jetfuel Finance

Jetfuel Finance is a cross chain AMM, Yield Farm, Money market, and launchpad covering both Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Miro from the Jetfuel finance team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the latest project updates.

Episode 59: A Conversation with Lithium Ventures

Lithium Ventures boasts a project incubator, launchpad, and investment funds with the purpose of driving value and success to new projects and investors alike. Tom, Ben, and Jake from the Lithium Ventures team joined me on the podcast to get further into the details of their project.

Episode 58: A Conversation with SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is a newcomer to the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem seeking to combine a project incubator, community VC fund, and additional yield farming opportunities. Imran from the SafeLaunch team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the details of his full service community launchpad.

Episode 57: A Conversation With Citadel.one

Citadel.one is a multi chain project focused on providing an all-in-one user experience across multiple blockchains through staking, Dapps, and a decentralized dao. Alex and Rina from the team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the highlights of their platform.

Episode 56: A Conversation With Sonar

Sonar is aiming to be the most complete and easy to use tracking and analytics tool packed with never before seen features and state of the art UX to streamline cyrpto investing workflow. Ben was joined by the Sonar team to discuss features including a full-featured wallet and project social signals.

Episode 55: A Conversation With Alchemy Toys

Alchemy Toys is a fully on chain board game and NFT platform. Roman and Vitaly from the Alchemy Toys team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss their ground-breaking project.

Episode 54: A Conversation With ApeSwap

ApeSwap is an established Binance Smart Chain project boasting an AMM, yield farm, launchpad, and NFT marketplace. Chimp from the ApeSwap team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss where they have come from, and where they are going.

Episode 53: A Conversation With Stamps.IO

Stamps is an emerging Binance Smart Chain project focused on bringing high returns to any size investor through real world use cases and community building. Alex Tavares, The Ceo of Stamps, joined Ben on the podcast to discuss his company's innovative use case.

Episode 52: A Conversation with Euler Tools

Euler tools is a platform to explore and discover blockchain content including wallet trading history, token price data, and more. Jorge joined Ben on the podcast to discuss his project and what users can expect in the future.

Episode 51: A Conversation With Empire Token

This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Empire Token. Empire token is an emerging Binance Smart Chain project preparing to launch an NFT marketplace as the first step towards building a unique blockchain protocol. Abdullah with the Empire team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss his project and vision.

Episode 50: A Conversation with SafeMars

Listen in to learn about the future of SafeMars, including their new lottery system.

Episode 49: A Conversation With Unidex

Krunal and Ben discuss the Unidex roadmap and new unique ETF trading products.

Episode 48: Is the Correction Over?

Ben and Greg discuss the recent market direction and the projects they are looking at to lead the rebound.

Episode 47: A conversation with BSC Launch

BSC Launch is a smart investment platform enabling projects to raise capital, and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity. The project will boast insurance, tools, a yield farm, cross chain swaps, and an nft marketplace.

Episode 46: A Conversation With Memes Token

Memes token is a decentralized social network catering to memes and NFT's. Killian joined Ben on the podcast to discuss their innovative platform and upcoming roadmap progress.

Episode 45: A conversation With King Defi

Mark with King Defi joined Ben on the podcast to discuss their innovative platform geared towards data aggregation and wallet tracking tools.

Episode 44: Crypto 101 - Beginners Guide to Crypto Theory

Episode 44: Crypto 101 - Beginners Guide to Crypto Theory Ben and guest host Lindsay start their new series, Crypto 101.

Episode 43: Is This the Beginning of the End for Meme Coins?

Greg Joined Ben on their weekly podcast to discuss Elon Musk, Binance, and the meme coin pullback.

Episode 42: Everything is Doge

Greg joined Ben on the podcast to discuss recent market moves, capital flow theory, and top picks for the coming weeks.

Episode 41: A Conversation With Wise Token

Peter with Wise Token joined Ben on the podcast to discuss their new BSC token geared towards earning investors income.

Episode 40: A Conversation with XPool

XPool is a new lending market coming to Binance Smart Chain. XPool is an Avve fork and is working to deliver greater value to investors and users.

Episode 39: A Conversation With Nord Finance

Ben is joined by Amarnath from Nord Finance to discuss the financial tools his project is bringing to Binance Smart Chain to simplify defi for traditional investors.

Episode 38: The Rise of Safemoon

Ben and Greg talk about the rise of the BSC Casino and the impact it is having on the growth of the network.

Episode 37: A Conversation with Fomo Lab

Fomo Lab is an emerging NFT platfrom seeking to differentiate through the offering content created by curated and verified artists and celebrities. To learn more visit Fomolab.io.

Episode 36: A Conversation with Cake Tools

Caketools.io is a new project on Binance Smart Chain working to provide BSC traders with new tools including charts, wallet tracking services, and whale alerts. Dave from the team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss their current and future development plans. To learn more about Cake Tools visit Caketools.io

Episode 34: A Conversation with GeoDB

Luis from GeoDB joined Ben on the podcast to discuss their emerging data market that allows users to monetize their data in a seamless and efficient manner. To learn more visit GeoDB.com.

Episode 33: A Conversation with ZeroSwap

Aayushi from the ZeroSwap team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss her team's innovative defi project. ZeroSwap is an emerging Cross Chain platform that is seeking to deliver value to their users through gas-free defi.

Episode 32: PancakeSwap and Wault Finance are on a Roll!

Greg and Ben have their weekly podcast going over market analytics, BSC tokens, and what they think will happen next.

Episode 31: A Conversation With NFT Alley

NFT Alley is an Empowering Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace To Make Crypto-Collectibles Accessible.

Episode 30: A Conversation with ACoconut

ACoconut is a suite of open protocols designed to enable frictionless movement of BTC liquidity between decentralized systems. It enables BTC holders to maximize risk-adjusted yields across blockchain networks.

Episode 29: Leveraged Yield Farming Comes to Binance Smart Chain

Greg joined Ben on the Podcast to discuss current prices, tokens to look out for, and new leveraged yield farming opportunities.

Episode 28: A Conversation With Wault Finance

Wault Finance is a decentralized finance hub that plans to connect all the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. Ken and Marcello with the Wault Finance team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss their innovative ecosystem.

Episode 27: A Conversation with Jetfuel Finance

Miro from Jetfuel Finance joined Ben on the podcast to discuss Gforce, Jetswap, and Fortress Lending.

Episode 26: A Conversation with BSCEX

CL from the BSCEX team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the multiple functionalities of their project including a dex aggregator, launchpad, and farming pools.

Episode 25: The Market Is Back!

Greg joined Ben for a weekly conversation covering market movements and what is expected over the next week.

Episode 24: A Conversation with CZ Binance

CZ joined Ben on the podcast to discuss Binance Smart Chain's origin, Binance's involvement with the community, and his general thoughts about BSC Defi.

Episode 23: A Conversation with Oddz.Fi

Oddz.fi is an emerging options trading platform that boasts an automated market maker to ensure options buyers always have sellers. For more information visit Oddz.fi.

Episode 22: Consolidation?

The last week has brought a lot of volatility to BSC markets. Greg joined the podcast today for his weekly market recap and analysis.

Episode 21: A Conversation With Unidex

Unidex is a dex aggregator for token swaps, margin trading, options trading, and cross chain swaps preparing to launch on BSC. To learn more about the project visit Unidex.Exchange.

Episode 20: SushiSwap Coming To BSC?

Join Ben and Greg as they discuss BSC token prices, market predictions, and new ETH projects looking to come over to BSC.

EP 19: BNB to $200?

Greg joins Ben on the Podcast for a weekly analysis of BSC analytics, projects, and price talk.

EP 18: BSC TVL Passes 4 Billion Dollars!

Greg joins Ben for a weekly discussion about BSC growth and market movement. Greg gives his pick LP pick of the week.

EP 17: Interview with Jetfuel Finance

Jetfuel Finance has continued to grow since their last visit on the podcast. New vaults, partnerships, and projects on the horizon including lending and an automated market maker are driving TVL to over 30 million dollars. Miro joined Ben on the podcast to discuss details of the Jetfuel roadmap.

EP 16: Everything is UP!

Greg joins Ben on the podcast to discuss weekly price action, synthetic stocks, and the BSC News trading challenge results.

EP 15: The Trading Competition Is Heating Up!

Join Greg and Ben on the podcast to discuss the BSC News trading competition and the current BSC market.

EP 14: Will DeFi Replace CeFi?

Join Ben and Kami as they discuss the roles of Defi and Cefi in the cryptocurrency space.

EP 13: BSC News Competition and Giveaway!

Listen to Ben, Greg, and Kami discuss the new BSC News competition and giveaway.

EP 12: Will BSC Be An ETH Killer?

Join KDOT and Ben in their discussion regarding BSC growth and its competition with Ethereum De-Fi

EP 11: A Conversation With Crypto Girlfriend

Crypto Girlfriend is a rising star within the BSC ecosystem, making how to videos for a number of projects including Jetfuel, BHC, and Thugs.fi.You can find her videos on Youtube and Twitter by following @cryptoGRLfriend.

EP 10: A Conversation With Juggernaut

Join Ben and Juggernaut's Nacho as they explore plans for the NFT ecosystem and exciting plans on the horizon.

EP 9: Weekly Crypto Update with Greg

Join Ben and Greg as they talk BNB, BSC ecosystem, and more.

EP 8: Progress Update with Jetfuel Finance

Miro, founder of JetFuel.Finance, returns to the podcast to discuss new project developments including vaults, GFORCE, lending, and an AMM

EP 7: Monday Market Recap Ft. Greg

Episode 7 dives into Greg's Monday Market Recap and focuses on Beefy, Jetfuel, Thugs, and more growth coming to the Binance Smart Chain

EP 6: Don't Be A Degen

Join our host as he reads an article from Bsc.news titled, "Don't Be a Degen." Original article can be found at: https://www.bsc.news/post/dive-into-de-fi-dont-be-a-degen

EP 5: BSC Partnerships and Project Activity Update

Join host KCrypto and Co-Host Greg as they discuss the near future for prevalent BSC projects as well as a general outlook on the BSC ecosystem

EP 4: Talking Bitcoin and BSC Projects with Kdot

Join host KCrypto and Co-Host KDOT as they dive into discussions about recent price movements & BSC projects.

EP 3: A Conversation With Jetfuel.Fi

Learn about the Jetfuel Finance yield farm, yield optimizer, and fuel staking rewards system.

EP 2: Liquidity Pool Investing

Join host KCrypto and Co-Host Greg as they dive into liquidity pool investing to discuss the fundamentals, risks, and benefits to this exciting new investment vehicle.

EP 1: An AMA With Thugs Finance Founder 8ball

8Ball answers questions regarding the future roadmap for Thugs, NFT East/West staking, insight on the game, and projects in the pipeline for HOES staking.
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