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Biden Administration is Wary of the Role of the Digital Yuan

The speed of China’s advancement in digital currency has left much of the rest of the world playing catch-up. While the US is concerned about the geopolitical consequences of China’s digital yuan, a number of other players have also entered the race.

Yield Watch Supports Alpha Homera Yield Tracking on The BSC

Alpha Homora is the first leveraged yield farming product in DeFi enabling leverage yield farming positions up to 2.5x. With Yieldwatch integration, users can monitor assets exposure on Alpha Homora V1.

Are Emerging Markets Missing Out On DeFi Growth?

Emerging markets and emerging economies hold immense promise for the adoption of decentralized finance. Some barriers have arisen for emerging markets as DeFi has experienced rapid growth. It is key that DeFi overcomes these issues that stand in its way.

Central Bank Digital Currencies and Airdrops

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) could provide access to reaching the unbanked as well as providing wider financial services. CBDC airdrops are currently ongoing in China as the PBoC is actively testing its digital currency.

Stellar Blockchain Experiences Glitch As Cryptocurrency Nodes Go Offline

Whole blockchain downtime isn’t a usual occurrence in the blockchain, especially for network facilitating transactions. The events may not be infrequent but could call for a certain level of concern regarding the network’s reliability and the certainty that the network nodes will always remain online. Stellar Blockchain, the number 13 cryptocurrency according to data aggregator Coinmarketcap reported a network node downtime yesterday but insistent that transaction continued despite the node going dark.

RYI Unity Tokens Dumped From Migration Wallet

RYI Unities’ eventful beginnings were short-lived once it was made apparent that 1 million RYIU tokens were sold on the market. These funds were traced back to a previously compromised RYI Unity team wallet.

Micro BTC Futures Launch in May

CME Group has announced the expansion of its suite of crypto derivatives. Although it is still pending regulatory review, CME aims to serve a wider market with its new Micro Bitcoin futures contract which will be launched on May 3, 2021.

Binance’s Crypto Derivatives Platform Sees Record Open Interest of $10B

According to data platform, Coingecko, Binance 24h open interest hit a record high of above $10 billion, dwarfing that of other derivative platforms like Huobi, FTX, Okex, and Bybit. Binance continues to retain its position as the industry leader and number one exchange in the derivative business.

MonsterSlayer Rugpulls, Sending 2M to a Binance Wallet

It is vital to note that even a Certik audit doesn't guarantee protection from code exploits, rugpulls, and scam exits. Barely 48hrs after the deployment of the new MonsterSlayer regulation page, Certik tagged the incident a rugpull event.

Mozart Finance Have Been Hacked

Hacks and exploits are increasingly common in the DeFi space and especially right now on the BSC network. Various projects have reported hacks and codes exploit. Yesterday, the Mozart Finance code was exploited.

AutoFarm Receives Complete CertiK Audit

User security should be of utmost importance as the reach of the DeFi ecosystem expands. You may wonder why AutoFarm is so security conscious - with a lot of protocols hosted on it, avoiding a hack is necessary.

"Checkout with Crypto" Supports Millions of Merchants

Bitcoins volatile nature still makes it more of an instrument for investment than payments. Digital payment giant, PayPal, protects merchants from taking on the risks of volatility through Fiat settlements.

UFC Fighter, Khabib, Announces his own NFT Cards

Non Fungible Token (NFTs) hype is still high and fresh. The attention is drawing on mainstream mass media, with various actors and players on the scene taking a slice of the niche. Now UFC fighters such as Khabib are taking active roles in the market.

Cream Expands its BSC Money Market with Four Cake-LPs

The expansion of Creams’ BSC money markets to include CAKE LP tokens allows the DeFi ecosystem to generate more liquidity and earnings for all participants.

PancakeSwap Takes the Lead in the AMM Industry

PancakeSwap was once an underdog in the Defi Automated Market Maker corner. However, now they are dominating the entire AMM market. These are the features worthy of attention and commendations.

EOS Loses its Largest DeFi Project to the Binance Smart Chain Network

EOS is becoming redundant; the blockchain has lost even more relevance with the news of the biggest DeFi network on its chain, Effect Network, making the shift to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The End of Support for Nyanswop - A Tale of Woes and Wrongs

The team has expressed deep sadness in what it believes to be a cutting short of the project’s expectation and short-lived dream; it has, however, decided to head for closure as it doesn’t wish to continue its operation.

Controversial Crypto Social Media Bitclout gets a Cease and Desist

The latest social media experiment on the blockchain, Bitclout, has been shrouded with controversies as it started getting into Crypto Twitter’s significant profiles attention in the wrong way.

Binance Chain Mainnet Lowering of Fee Structure

This change focused on the Binance Chain mainnet and reduced multiple fees. Moving forward we can expect further proposals to lower fees on both the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain as BNB price continues its steady accent higher.

Binance Smart Chain Surpasses Ethereum in Volume and Users

The Binance Smart Chain has experienced rapid growth in the last six months. This can be attributed to a plethora of things such as the DeFi boom or the extreme transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

Binance Smart Chain 2021 Outlook: A Bullish Year Ahead

The power of network effects is apparent as more and more people find their way onto the BSC ecosystem. This makes me incredibly bullish; when looking at the data, you can only see growth, week after week.

MicroStrategy and Michael Saylors Significance

The recent purchase of Bitcoin by MicroStrategy's CEO, Michael Saylor, may be dicey. The volatility of the crypto market is one to suggest that the gamble may not pay off, but it has paid dividends since.

Ethereum Fighting to Hold DeFi Innovation or Just a Matter of Time Till Layer-2?

The issue of scalability and daunting gas fees seems to be a real problem for Vitalik and Ethereum. There is still hope for the Ethereum network in Ethereum 2.0 but layer-2 solutions need to be implemented ASAP.

Malicious DNS Exploit Targets PancakeSwap in a Phishing Scam

On March 15th, 2021 users logged into the Dex platform to meet an information-seeking exploit. This was a coordinated but failed attack, and many protocols were targeted, including Cream.Finance.

TurtleDex Performs a Liquidity Siphon Rugpull After a Highly Anticipated Launch

It’s becoming increasingly risky to invest in Defi-based projects. The latest rugpull being the TurtleDex platform. The situation comes shockingly to everyone due to the organic hype the project has achieved.

What the US and Other Global Stimulus Means For BTC and Crypto Markets

If you missed out on the previous investment, there is a chance to benefit from the new stimulus package. The stimulus by the present US administration will be positive for the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Binance Probed by CFTC Regarding US Citizens and Derivative Markets

According to the report, Binance hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing. The rumor of a potential close down of the exchange is still very much baseless.

The NFT Craze Continues: Million Dollar Tweets?

The idea behind NFTs are simple, buy and sell ownership of unique digital items, which can be tracked using the blockchain. The relevance is in its rarity.

RAMP DeFi Has Bridged its Native RAMP Token to The Binance Smart Chain

RAMP is a cross-chain solution that allows users to draw liquidity from staked assets. This protocol has just introduced RAMP liquidity on the Binance Smart Chain using JulSwap and PancakeSwap.

Autofarm Fixes Venus Vault Impending Smart Contract Risk

It’s important to reiterate that nothing is completely secure with current Smart Contract codes on any Dapp. However, as the technology grows, research and development are ongoing to strive towards 100% security.

PancakeSwap Offers SUSHI Liquidity Incentives Ahead of SushiSwaps BentoBox Release

The SUSHI liquidity pools on PancakeSwap are a huge positive to the entire De-Fi community, promoting interoperability and easy De-Fi access.

1inch Dex Aggregator Bridges to Binance Smart Chain

Bullish crypto news like migration, cross-chain interoperability, bridging, and expansion like that of 1inch should be seen as a collaboration towards the growth and increasing adoption of De-Fi.

Breaking News: Is The Tether FUD Over?

Many are thrilled that Tether has received some legal breakthrough on the situation, but others still feel this is a slap on the wrist. Overall, more questions have arisen as currently, USDT is one of cryptos hottest topics.

Exploiter Leaves IceCreamSwap Project Liquidated Making Off With Users' Funds

Unfortunately, in the current De-Fi landscape smart contract risks are very prevalent and should always be considered. Today, an exploit left IceCreamSwap tokens useless, and the exploiter has made off with close to $1,000,000.

Liquidity Siphon Rugpulls on The Binance Smart Chain

On top of the 2,000,000 USD PopcornSwap Rug-pull, two other De-Fi projects, Zap Finance and Tin Finance, have run off with user funds.

PopcornSwap Liquidity Siphon Rugpull

A newly released project, PopcornSwap, has performed a liquidity siphon scam. This was nearly an instant rug-pull upon launch, stealing custody of over 2,000,000 USD in users’ tokens

Rug Pulls: Tetris Pulls a Robin Hood Exit Scam

Its always important to practice safety when making financial decisions, learn more about the latest rug pull on the Binance Smart Chain, Tetris.Menu.
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