Moonlift is a Community driven passive income generation protocol running on Binance Smart Chain.

Iron Finance

First partial-collateralized stablecoin on Binance Smart Chain


A Standalone AMM/DEX, Yield Farming, Yield Optimization & Staking Ecosystem On Binance Smart Chain☕


MANYSWAP is a decentralised AMM with affiliate system on revolutionary Binance Smart Chain. ManySwap enables the user to swap tokens and to create a new liquidity pair. By adding to the LP pair users can earn LP token and LP fees. On referring user can earn 0.1% of trading fees. Stake your LP tokens in the farm and earn rewards.
Token Swap
Certik Audit


Cross chain DAO token management platform to lower barrier to entry into the world of crypto!

JetFuel Finance

Jetfuel.Finance is an innovation Yield Farm and Yield Optimizer protocol built on Binance Smart Chain.

Theisland Finance

I$LAND is a decentralized community token built on the Binance Smart Chain. I$LAND is the first BSC project-oriented to purchase and manage an island by token holders. The I$LAND goal is to implement a DAO or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.


Tired of rugpull, exit scam in the crypto world ? We are Now imagine a world where in 1 click you would be able to evaluate if a token is legit or nah ? Crypto Investors life would be easier At Spy On Crypto our goal is to tokenizes the security of crypto-investors by easing the DYOR of investors thanks to a panoply of tools only accessible for $SPYON holders


Yield Farm & Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol & AMM on #BSC


Fish is a governance token of FishSwap. A Automated Market Maker (AMM) - Decentralized Exchange Protocol on #BSC with Optimized Yield Farming. Fish is used as Yield Farming and Pools reward.


Decentralised Cross-Chain Launchpad


BiFi is a multichain DeFi that connects various multiple networks. Currently BiFi operates on BSC and Ethereum. Unlike other DeFi projects, BiFi on BSC and Ethereum are not separate instances. BiFi’s smart contracts based on Bifrost transfers real-time market data on both chains.


The first Evolutive DeFi where you can farm NFT. Eggchain is a didactic platform with the aim of teaching about the use of Defi and Blockchain with a fun approach. Receive rewards for helping our evochickens on their adventure to escape the blockchain.


IndaSwap is the first and only Fiat-to-DeFi gateway, where crypto believers can buy favourite DeFi tokens directly with Visa & Mastercard globally. IndaSwap is one of the core elements of the IndaFi ecosystem, that bridges the gap between traditional financial systems and DeFi.


High Deflationary Project Incubator Utility Token Farm BUSD DEX Platform IDO Launchpad

RedFox Finance

RedFox Finance is a website specially made for token traders. It provides tools to help them having informations to take good decisions.

Multiplier Finance

Multiplier Finance is the first lending protocol to offer flash loans and stable borrowing rates on Binance Smart Chain

Marshmallow Defi

Yield Farming, pools, farms, compound, nfts and every week a pool and a farm will be added as well as several collaborations with other projects on bsc


Gaia is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to create an ecosystem of prominent DeFi products on the BSC blockchain while supporting environmental and philanthropic organizations.


No-loss lottery based on PancakeSwap CAKE staking pool


Sappchat is the world’s first Decentralized Messaging App meets Decentralized Banking powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology. It provides a complete, safe, and comprehensive ecosystem that fulfills the need of mobile users such as end-to-end encryption of instant messages, seamless solution for payments transfers, mobile decentralized exchange (mDEX), and DeFi integration that lets users profit from their cryptocurrency holdings 24/7, and an online shop to acquire and sell NFTs. Sappchat aims to connect people around the world personally, financially, privately, and securely.


Evolution is eponymous project with features that will take your farming to the next level. Evolution project is the first to introduce elastic emission of token per block,


IronyMan token is the original meme token created in response to Elon Musk's tweet where he had the idea to do a skit on his SNL appearance, where he will play as Irony man and defeat people with Irony. The token will be used as a financial means of exchange primarily. The token will also be a strong charitable entity with intent to donate to children with rare forms of Anemia.


Fully Decentralized Protocol for Private Transactions


OctaX is a group of smart contracts that works with leading DeFi projects for ensuring its users the most reliable and highly profitable level of liquidity mining at minimal fees. built on top of the Binance Smart Chain


YFIH2 will support to H2.Finance by the economic loans for energy companies to get funds for green energy investments


Bitfresh is a blockchain-based retro-style iGaming platform with a community-first focus. Imagine all the fancy stuff you expect from a blockchain casino (non custodial betting, mining, dividends sharing and more), plus the benefit of actually having a voice to impact on the project roadmap.


DEX & AMM for the community of WEED & Crypto lovers. We make big bucks and chill


BarbecueSwap is a sustainable yield farming and staking platform on the BinanceSmartChain, driven by a talented team and fueled by an amazing community.


WalletNow consolidates all your crypto investments from multiple sources and aggregates them in a simple, clean and searchable table. It has advanced features such as: Telegram Bot, Active Monitoring of your portfolio with notifications, a "Time Machine", among many others

0xtracker helps investors keep track of their Yield Rewards and LP Tokens across a wide array of DeFi projects. We are adding new projects every day!
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