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GAMI World - a Progressive GameFi Launchpad

An innovative launchpad and incubator built for launching the most promising gaming-based projects in the Decentralized Finance industry.

Binance Lists Tranchess, 4th Billion Dollar Protocol on Binance Smart Chain

Tranchess has quietly been going about its business garnering recognition and earning a much anticipated Binance listing.

BunnyPark Commits to SaaS Construction on Binance Smart Chain

BunnyPark has reduced its conventional DeFi functions as it pivots towards SaaS construction.

Wault Finance Proposes Full Rebrand to its Community

Wault finally takes a step in the right direction with a proposal to simplify tokenomics and rebranding due to market-wide correlations drawn with the defamed WEX exchange.

Where Will Little Baby Doge Be in 1 Year?

The project seeks to build its own unique use case that lets it stand above other meme coins.

JOJO AMA Transcript

"JOJO Token is a MEME Token that originates from the community, serves the community, and is self-governed by the community. It is fair and has a variety of gameplay methods."

BNBeer Announces Token Presale to Fund Beer Business

The launch of the $BNBeer reflection token will look to kickstart the BNBeer brand and its beers.

DeFi For You Announces First NFT Bridge Between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

The pawn and loan protocol is building a robust infrastructure to take on a niche community.

Bogged Finance Teases Revamped Interface, Next-Gen Platform

Bogged Finance introduces exciting new features that promise a better user experience on their multi-chain analysis platform

Scary Games - a Complete Play-to-Earn GameFi Ecosystem

The platform has several collaborations that help maximize their value to players, all while maintaining a very low cost of entry.

CryptoBlades Kingdoms Sells Out Land Sales, Secures More Partnerships

The Initial NFT Offerings for CryptoBlades Kingdoms’ Land NFTs have made a bright start after selling out on two launchpads.

Bitcoin Price Plummets to $8200 on Binance.US - Real or Glitch?

Users of the Binance.US platform were spooked by a massive dip in Bitcoin price from $65,500 to $8,200 within seconds

Velorex AMA Transcript

" Save. Send. Receive. Using your Velorex Smart Wallet"

OpenOcean Launches New Atlantic Version to Upgrade Entire System

The Atlantic Version upgrades focus on accuracy and speed above all else.

XTime - Keeping the Greater Good of Children First in Mind

Along with a BTC-centered dividends system to reward users, the project seeks to improve child education procedures in El Salvador.

Riding Squid Game Wave, K-pop Music TV Series becomes NFT Collection on Featured by Binance

The top Korean television program will have FanBox NFTs available to the results from weekly shows.

Baby Doge Coin Achieves Blue Check Status On Facebook, Other Social Media

The popular imitation dog coin keeps pace with social media attention.

Vietnam Proving to be GameFi Hotbed as Titan Hunters Looks to Establish Itself

Play to Earn project Titan Hunters looks to establish itself with retro gameplay and plans to impact the NFT market.

Kryptomon AMA Transcript

"Kryptomon is an NFT Game where Pokémon meets Cryptokitties and Tamagotchi"

Lootex Project Insight: An NFT Ecosystem Making Virtual Assets Real

Lootex aims to make people's virtual assets real by providing an NFT minting service, wallet service, and a trading platform that is built on the blockchain.

Velorex - Bringing DeFi to the Real World

The innovative crypto ATM machines the company is developing add sizable value to the upside of the project.

Game-Changing BEP-95 With a Real-Time Burning Mechanism Introduced

The BNB burning process will be quicker and more efficient by the Binance Smart Chain network burning a portion of gas fees.

Associated Press to Share Sports and Racing Data Sets With Chainlink

By sharing its data with Chainlink the Associated Press will increase its presence on the blockchain.

Mini Football Token's Aggressive Marketing Has Many Users Wondering If It's Legit

BSC News offers an in depth look at the intricate ploys behind making a project appear as though it’s the real deal.

TCAKE - Developing a Dual-Token Model With Baby TCAKE

The new token (BTCAKE) will contribute to deflation in the TCAKE ecosystem, working together to create a sustainable ecosystem.

DeRace Offers Users First Peek at In-Game Environment

The horse racing GameFi project is offering users their first glimpse of its in-game graphics including both day and night time modes.

BiShares Embraces Degen Vibes, Launches biDEGEN ETF Fund

The new dETF product comprises numerous DEGEN tokens in the Fantrom network.

$1 Billion BSC Growth Fund Invests in Decentralized Derivatives Exchange MCDEX

Binance Smart Chain's recently created billion-dollar growth fund has chosen to invest in the derivatives market.

UniFi Protocol Project Insight: Paving The Way For Next Gen DeFi Development

UniFi continues to innovate in the DeFi space, incentivizing multi-chain participation.

Lazio Fan Token Blasts up 22x from Launchpad, Nears $1 Billion Market Cap

Binance’s first ever fan token launch goes off with a bang as lucky users saw huge gains on their investment.

Lucky Lion and LatteSwap Partnership Lets You Stake Your Favorite $BEAN

Latte Swap has introduced their newest platform product, DripBar, and the launch will be officialized by a collaboration between them and Lucky Lion.

Viral Vietnamese Cartoon Character Races into BSC

PikaLong the Vietnamese dragon is coming to Binance Smart Chain via DragonKart, the 3D GameFi racing game. The title just completed its $1.1 million private funding round.

Pancake Halloween Celebration Announced by PancakeSwap

The best creative users stand a chance to win exciting rewards.

Binance Smart Chain Rolls Out $100M Liquidity Support for BSC Ecosystem

We consider the invigorating effect a specific part of the 1 billion growth fund will have on the BSC ecosystem.

BODAV2 - the Hyper Deflationary Buy-Back Token That Rewards Holders in BUSD

The stablecoin rewards for holders give BODA V2 a distinct edge in terms of incentives over many projects.

Redditor Creates Trading Bot with Python that Instantly Buys Binance Listings

Redditor surfaces a crypto trading bot project that places orders based on Binance’s announcements for free.

SafePal Unveils Significant new Feature Allowing Crypto Holders to Capture Greater Yield Opportunities

The cryptocurrency wallet is continuing to make good on the promises set forth in its initial roadmap with another instrumental feature introduced.

Alitas Tech Joins BSC News for Reddit AMA, Talks Innovation and Growth

Alitas is a project built to help alleviate common problems in the blockchain industry and can hopefully grow to live alongside the growing group of chains out in the world.

Former NFT Owners Discover How Much They’ve Lost Thanks to Paperhands

An app created by a self-confessed NFT degen is taking crypto Twitter by storm.

XCarnival - a Premium Metaverse Liquidation Aggregator

The project offers a series of unique borrowing and lending opportunities, demonstrating their belief that “anything can be collateral”.

Bitcoin Powers Through All-Time High, Shows No Signs of Let Up

ProShares BTC Strategy ETF approval by SEC and its listing on NYSE Arca, boosts BTC to a new all-time high.

Binance Labs Announces Strategic Investment in Biswap

The investment will aid Biswap's continuous innovation and help grow the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Duelist King is the First GameFi Project IFO on PancakeSwap

Duelist King invites users to participate in what would become the first Initial Farm Offering on PancakeSwap after a six-month hiatus.

AMAChella Starting Point Transcript

5 projects in one AMA - that is what AMACella is. Come see what the projects had to say.

XCarnival Has Launched on Binance Smart Chain

The project offers a unique liquidity solution for NFTs and long-tail crypto assets, and has garnered significant attention after their recent launch.

Belt Finance Issues Update for Major Q4 Improvements

The update features many significant innovations that the protocol will look to accomplish for the remainder of 2021.

EverRise Teases Upcoming Partnerships and v2 Updates in Social Media AMA

The project’s developers continue to build at the dApp suite in conjunction with the coming version two release.

OddZ Finance to Launch New Options Trading and Bonus Features

The new Options V2 will have features that will enable options holders to sell their options faster.

Dragon Mainland’s Fire Dragon Egg NFTs Sell Out in 3 Seconds

The speed at which the NFTs sold out is a promising sign for a project seeking to become an industry leader in GameFi.

FOMO NFT AMA Transcript

"FomoNFT uses the Accumulative Auction (AA) mechanism. Bidders start to earn BNB rewards as soon as they place bids."

Decentraland Prepping Another Metaverse Festival, Ft. Paris Hilton, DEADMAU5, and more

Another monumental gathering on the Metaverse is being planned with a host of huge names in attendance.

ProShares BTC ETF Hits $1 Billion on First Day

The debut of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF sees it becoming one of the biggest first days for any ETF EVER.

Coinbase Inks Long-Term Deal With Forward Thinking NBA

The NBA continues its crypto foray after various teams have already committed to their own respective fan tokens.

Clam Island - A Pearl NFT Hunt With Real Value

The Clam Island event allows a Pearl NFT to be redeemed for a real-life pearl necklace at Tiffany & Co valued at up to $10,000.

Binance Played a Key Role in a Recent Bitcoin Rally

Kaiko’s recent analysis points towards some key data on Binance that suggests the recent Bitcoin price rally was in the crypto exchange’s order books

GameFi Expo Continues With $60,000 in Aidrops

The seven-day event will feature three new games including Dragonary, Mobox, and DSG Metaverse games.

Polydragon Rugged and Wronged Its Users - Here's What We Know

A rug pull from early October abused partnerships with several protocols, including that of this publication.

Hot Cross Unveils First-Ever Offering: Pontoon Finance

With whitelisting already underway, you’ll have to be set for the sale on October 28th.

Squid Game Is Already Spawning Crypto Copycat Projects

A number of BSC projects based on the hit TV show ‘Squid Game’ are proving once again that there is no such thing as a concept which crypto can’t recycle.

PancakeHunny Suffers Flash Loan Attack and Cataclysmic Price Drop

Latest victim of an attack on Binance Smart Chain sent a shock through the network as all funds are reported safe and only the price was affected.

Floki Inu Offers Sneak Peak of Valhalla Metaverse

The dogcoin meme-token has now offered the first glimpse of its NFT gaming metaverse before a major US television advertising campaign. AMA Transcript

"Decentralized Cloud (DeCloud) Trading Protocol"

Second Masterminds of Hip Hop NFTs Still Available - Want Your Snoop Dogg NFT?

This is the second of three NFT sales that is exclusively curated and produced by Russell Simmons and Snoop Dogg.

The CoinSwap DEX to Launch Mining on October 20th for BSC Users

The launch is part of their initiative to become one of the top-tier exchanges available on Binance Smart Chain.

Binance NFT Hosts 50 Artist for Video Journey NFT in Collaboration with NFTbastards Exchange

Top artists collaborate to create an NFT in honor of the launch of the Binance NFT marketplace.

Dark Frontiers Enters the Blockchain Gaming Vortex

Dark Frontiers embarks into the gaming sector after a fundraising round that saw 700x over submissions—indicating their potential.

Binamon Readies Massive Monster $37 Million Auction on BakerySwap

The Binance Smart Chain protocol continues its significant growth in the decentralized finance ecosystem as it prepares for the big NFT auction on BakerySwap.

Binance Completes 17th Quarterly Burn of BNB Token

1,335,888 $BNBs was taken out of circulation forever, the largest ever burn, in terms of value by Binance

Dragonary Updates Community with Plans for Greater Player Interaction

The update focuses on creating a more social and interactive ecosystem for users.

NBA Top Shot NFTs Surge in Popularity Before 2022 Season Begins

The NBA Top Shot NFTs are soaring as the NBA 2021-2022 season kicks off.

SafePal Wallet Project Insight: 1st Tokenized Crypto Hardware Wallet

SafePal takes care of your cryptocurrencies, securing your private keys on their hardware wallet while simultaneously letting you manage, observe and trade your assets from the mobile app. 

POCOLAND Announces Chainlink Integration to Secure Its NFT Marketplace & Randomize In-Game Breeding

POCOLAND continue to make important progress as it integrates crypto heavyweight

GAMI World AMA Transcript

"GAMI is a launchpad and an incubator platform that merges the gaming world with blockchain technology."

Little Baby Doge - More Than the Average Meme Coin

Combining the popularity of memes with a noble cause, Little Baby Doge seeks to provide goodwill in a climate of negativity.

CME BTC Futures Open Interest Hit an All-Time High

The largest derivatives exchange in the world sees the open interest of its BTC futures grow more than twofold in October to surpass the previous all-time high in April.

Details Emerge for Alpaca Finance Alpie NFT Leverage Boosting

Leverage boosting is one of the numerous benefits users obtain from owning Alpie NFTs on Alpaca’s leveraged yield farming protocol.

Ronaldinho Gives Mini Football Token a Nod of Approval

One of the game’s all-time greats has endorsed the doge-loving fantasy football game.

Depth AMA Transcript

"a secure and efficient stable assets management protocol "

Highly-Treasured Maye Musk “Diamonds Are Forever” NFT Listed for Charity Auction

All of the proceeds from the auction will go to Binance Charity and their TreeMillions initiative as the Radio Caca (RACA) team is determined to make a difference beyond the crypto industry.

Binance Announce Learn and Earn Campaign with Lazio Fan Token

Learn and earn campaign will last for one week and has $10,000 in Lazio Fan Tokens up for grabs.

Alpaca Finance Updates Roadmap into Late 2022

Alpaca’s roadmap lays out an ambitious plan with cross-chain as its main channel of growth

Cake Monster Charges onto the BSC NFT Charts, 300% Gainz in a Week

Lovable monsters post impressive gains, and the token looks long-term with deflationary metrics.

Epic Games Confirms Openness to Allow Blockchain Gaming

Epic Games latches onto Steam's ban of blockchain games and warms up to the industry.

StepHero Sells Out 12,000 Mystery Chests, Grows User Base

The massive sell-out increases the benefit of players staking their HERO NFTs.

Galaxy Heroes Coin - Own Your Own Superhero NFT

The project offers a superhero-themed ecosystem centered around NFTs and passive income earning.

Meet Overlord World, the P2E with No Gas Fees in the PvE Battle

The upgrade would allow players to enjoy its PvE game without gas fees.

Space SIP AMA Transcript

"Space SIP is the first NFT space battleship game with worldclass design of gaming experience in a real-value collectible ecosystem."

Binance Surpasses 100 Million Unique Address

The growing number of users on Binance is no small feat, and Binance is still aiming large—1 Billion large.

DeRace Sells Out Groovy Opie NFT Collection

The DeRace Opie collection avatars are one-of-a-kind NFT assets that offer their owners a list of benefits, including access to the private DeRace member community.

ArtWallet Set to Complete IDO on NFTb Utilizing the Platform’s DeFi as Service Offering

NFTb shows off its capabilities as ArtWallet signal it will utilize NFTb to complete its IDO

CZ Makes Surprise Visit to Binance Meetup in Dubai

Notably, CZ explores the potential future of Binance as a decentralized exchange.

Richass Murlocs Social Club Launches on Binance Smart Chain

The social club and metaverse NFT project has been modeled on the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Each Murloc NFT acts as a membership card for the social club. Adds More NBA Partnerships, Now Has 24 including the LA Lakers takes a leading role in transforming the American fan experience for basketball lovers.

XCarnival AMA Transcript

" The Metaverse Assets Liquidation Aggregator for Everyone"

Blue Horizon - Gamify DeFi with NFTs

Blue Horizon seeks to create an artist-centered ecosystem that allows creators and collectors to maximize the potential in their NFTs through yield farming, token swaps, gamification, and more.

Binance to Close all Trading with Chinese Yuan by December

Binance’s peer-to-peer trading platform will delist the Chinese yuan (CNY) by the end of the year

Binamon Marketplace Finally Goes Live

In the past gamers relied on secondary off-site marketplaces, but can now trade their collectibles on-site.

Premier League Stars Launch Digital Collectables With Sportemon Go

The collaboration was made possible by the global marketplace for sports and entertainment talent, Pickstar.

DeFi Direct Kicks Off $1,000 Traders to Gamers Livestream Series With MOBOX

BSC News’ rebranded YouTube channel, DeFi Direct, is kicking off a month-long investment into the MoBox Play to Earn NFT platform.

NFTBomb Joins with 7 Other Projects for Huge NFT AirDrop

New NFT protocol idea bombs onto the scene with a group of projects to help boost their innovative venture.
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