Wault Finance Proposes Full Rebrand to its Community

Wault finally takes a step in the right direction with a proposal to simplify tokenomics and rebranding due to market-wide correlations drawn with the defamed WEX exchange.

Where Will Little Baby Doge Be in 1 Year?

The project seeks to build its own unique use case that lets it stand above other meme coins.

BNBeer Announces Token Presale to Fund Beer Business

The launch of the $BNBeer reflection token will look to kickstart the BNBeer brand and its beers.

DeFi For You Announces First NFT Bridge Between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

The pawn and loan protocol is building a robust infrastructure to take on a niche community.


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Clam island has worked hard to make play to invest a reality for Binance Smart Chain users. Sandy Zhang, CEO of Clam Island joined Ben on the podcast to discuss how the platform can help users boost their yield farming earnings without the need to commit as much time as a traditional play to earn model. This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Clam Island.
Project Oasis is a metaverse aimed at gamified Defi in a way that presents BSC Defi in an easy to understand way. The Oasis team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss how the game provides users with an enjoyable experience while interacting with Defi protocols.
Depay is a multi-chain payment processor built to simplify sending and receiving payments within the Defi Space. Sebastian from the Depay team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss upcoming product releases and his long term vision for the project. This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Depay.

Game-Changing BEP-95 With a Real-Time Burning Mechanism Introduced

The BNB burning process will be quicker and more efficient by the Binance Smart Chain network burning a portion of gas fees.

Associated Press to Share Sports and Racing Data Sets With Chainlink

By sharing its data with Chainlink the Associated Press will increase its presence on the blockchain.

Mini Football Token's Aggressive Marketing Has Many Users Wondering If It's Legit

BSC News offers an in depth look at the intricate ploys behind making a project appear as though it’s the real deal.

TCAKE - Developing a Dual-Token Model With Baby TCAKE

The new token (BTCAKE) will contribute to deflation in the TCAKE ecosystem, working together to create a sustainable ecosystem.

DeRace Offers Users First Peek at In-Game Environment

The horse racing GameFi project is offering users their first glimpse of its in-game graphics including both day and night time modes.

BiShares Embraces Degen Vibes, Launches biDEGEN ETF Fund

The new dETF product comprises numerous DEGEN tokens in the Fantrom network.